Hi From Bristol UK

Hi Folks, I’ve spent a couple of days recently reading up on stuff and I thought I’d check in and say hello.
These are my current guys:


The Foursevens is a warm white and, while the pre-flash on lower modes makes the whole ‘tactical’ thing a bit daft, the warm LED was a revelation to me. The Fenix PD32 - which I like very much - made me realise that I’d be interested to have something as bright but leaning more towards the throwy end. It also made me realise that getting new torches doesn’t mean that I stop wanting new torches and so I’m going to have to find a way of making the whole thing a bit less spendy. And this then means I’ve found my way here where I’ve been reading about the new ‘Biscotti’ Convoy C8’s with a 5000-5200K U6-3A. So greetings to all and I look forward to learning more here.
Best wishes,

Welcome aboard mate - I’ve passed by your neck of the woods several times visiting some relatives who have taken the long trek south to live in Devon.

What I know about torches can be eloquently written on the back of a second class stamp, but I like this place for the friendly craic.



Welcome to BLF. Looks like you already have a nice collection going.

Hi and welcome,
This is a great place, I’ve certainly leant a lot and spent a lot :wink:
Nice area your in, i am periodically down that way caving/ue.
Like the thrunite in your picture , have the Christmas edition ti on my key ring, along with, since finding blf, enough other flashlights to almost carry a different one every week for a year lol

Welcome to BLF!

Oh yeah a clear C8 Biscotti is a light high on a lot of most wanted lists I guess :wink:

Welcome from Dorset!

Its good of you to fly in. Enjoy the stay Humanboeing.

Word up from the East Midlands… and welcome to BLF.

I go down your way-ish when I visit my parents in Newport, Wales.

Welcome buddy!

Welcome to BLF! I was actually driving through Bristol last week :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF, Humanboeing.

Well, you’ve got more Fenix-es than I have. I just recently bought my first, the E99 Ti.
That’s now sitting next to my Thrunite Ti. Love that one!

Thanks for the greetings, folks! I think that that’s the Christmas edition Thrunite Ti that I have - my first real moonlight mode and my current ‘finding my way to bed without waking wife’ light.

Make yourself at home, Humanboeing!