Hi from Czech Republic

well, I’m probably not flashlight collector (yet? I own something like Convoy C8 host, labeled “Aurora MC-E-C” and newly bought Thrunite TN12), but when I found that some drivers uses ATtiny and read some threads about it here, I become more and more interested (Astrolux S1 & USBASP on the way at this moment :-)).

(I hope I’ll get some way how to obtain 17DDm (FET +1?) itself. As a spare and/or testing).

Hi and welcome kmarty. The addiction you desire will be with you very soon. :slight_smile:

Welcome! Hope you like your new lights.


Thanks for joining the gang, Kmarty!

Dobry den! Welcome to BLF. I’m off to Czech this afternoon :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF!
Banggood sells the A6 driver as a part
I put it in a cheap C8 host with a NW XML and love it

Have a good holiday threadneedle!

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, for some it’s more a journey than a place.

Welcome to BLF, Kmarty! :partying_face:


Hello and welcome Kmarty