Hi from Italy

My name is Tom and I now live in Italy, originally from the UK.
Looking to update my EDC setup so I have a few questions to ask.


It's nice of you to join us, Tommygunn!

Hi Tommygunn welcome to the forum

Welcome to blf! And pizzaaaaaaaa!

Welcome to the forum!!

Ciao! and welcome ….Which part of italy?if i may ask

Hi Tommygunn welcome to the forum mate.

Welcome to BLF and enjoy Italy !


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


I don’t think you’ll have any problems finding help here.

Hi Tom,

I’m New here myself :slight_smile:

Hope the weather is better in Italy than the UK at the mo’, typical rainy Bank Holiday Weekend! I don’t blame you for moving!

Where were you in the UK before moving?


Welcome to BLF!

Italian community is growing!

Thanks for the welcome everyone.
I’m in the Misano Adriatico area, between Rimini and Pesaro, and I grew up in area North West of Worcester.


Welcome. Enjoy the search for new lights, I’m sure you won’t stop at 1….

forza italia!

Wow! Three from Italy today… and we’re leaving for there tomorrow … must be some kind of “sign” :)!!

P.S. Welcome!

Thanks again folks.


Yeah! It’s an invasion!!! :bigsmile:
Hi Tommy, nice to meet you :smiley:


Hi Tom. Italia? Mmhh Pizza man! yeah. UK food so-so :Sp ah ah

Hope you will have some good time on BLF.



& Good luck!