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Ive been into Leds for the past few yrs building mostly Industrial lamps and automotive interior illumination. I am in the process of fully grasping how to understand the optics behind some of the new cree high output smd chips. I have succesfully intergrated them into a project automobile into the fender coves the reverse lamps fog lamps and DRLs. Now ima little stuck on the development of the headlamp and I came here for guidance. The final completed project will be used for marketing and educational purposes. Hope you guyss can help me out.

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Welcome Ralphy, the people up at elf in Durham could use your help. The need an upgrade on the headlamps(all the lamps really) for their ebike. Grossly underlit right now. They’re looking for a plug in unit but all they have is high brightness LEDs, not even a single xlamp and in the same town as Cree for crying out loud. Before winter I’ll be visiting to do an upgrade(and play golf) for a brother there that has one. It sounds like your the pro on this one.