Hi from PA

Hello everyone! Long time lurker. Also from CPF.

I love budget lights. Always looking for deals and ways to make my money go longer. CPF budget light forum is....

I always liked BLF. Don't know why I didn't register earlier. Just didn't feel like posting I guess.

Well, talk to you guys some time.

Welcome to BLF bao123!


When I first saw your post I was expecting spam from Price Angels!

Glad to have you with us

Welcome to BLF, bao123! Don't be shy, feel free to post and post often. Where abouts in PA are you? I'm in the Lehigh Valley area.


Hi there bao123, thanks for joining the fun! We're glad to have you.

Welcome to BLF Bao123!

Welcome! Where in Pa.? I'm in the Lewisburg/Bucknell University area.


Welcome bao123

Welcome bao123. Glad to have you here.

Aloha and welcome to BLF bao123!

Don is going to pittsburg this summer ...enlighten him .:p

Welcome to BLF bao123!

It's proof this forum really is 1000x better than CPF.

Sorry, I didn't respond yesterday. I was spending any spare time at work planning for a 1aa mod as a gift.

And, not to be down on CPF all the time. Sure they have horrible admins and some snot-nosed brainwashed brats who sit around just waiting to wag their e-peen. But, credit should go to mods like Silverfox and the knowledgeable posters there. I digress..

I'm in Delaware County, PA. Would be fun one day for people in the area to meet up and have some light saber action!

I've had it in mind to post some reviews and simple mods. I finished a Brinkmann 2D 3watt XML mod(worst plastic reflector ever, LOL - no really, dollar store reflectors are better finished) a couple months ago. But, the focus didn't work out too great, so I reflowed 3 copper pennies to raise the star and never got around to finishing it (expecting 30K lux @ 1m).

Right, now I'm trying to work on an XM-L indoor plant growing light system, hopefully driven off 3.3v rails of PC PSUs. I'll probably never get around to it with all this work they keep on sending me, though

Thanks, again for the welcome and talk to you guys soon!

Since I've not said so already, welcome to BLF bao123. It really is good to have you here.

I'd love to join in such a meet - though I'd not be able to bring much by way of light with me. I'll be in Pittsburgh from August 15-27 and should be more or less free 20th/21st. I certainly won't have much (?any) free time the rest of my stay. If anyone can manage anything on August 20 or 21 I'll be at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and can probably arrange to meet folks somewhere near there. I'm unlikely to have a motor vehicle available, not enough time to organise one.

This is a very long way from where I live so it'd be great to meet anyone who can make it to Pittsburgh. I will have to be back in 2013 and would hope to be able to take some vacation time while I'm there.