Hi From Reno

Retired in Reno, NV. I am a hobbyist machinist interested in astronomy, reading, bicycling etc. Gay agnostic male. Reading interests include, science, history, science fiction and astronomy. Any other Reno flashaholics out there?

Welcome to the forum Richwouldnt. This is a great hobby for a someone with machinist skills. Hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to seeing your builds/mods (if you make any).

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF. As a retired toolmaker I am curious if you have machinery at home? As ImA4Wheelr alluded to, having equipment at home opens all kinds of modding options.

My main tool is a 12” metal turning lathe, a old Atlas. Also a drill press and a Atlas metal shaper. The shop is in the full basement under my house, an unusual item in Reno I assure you.

We're very glad to have you here, Richwouldnt!

You’re not that new! I’ve been seeing your profile picture around here for the last month!

So I am slow about going public with an introduction. Had to see if anyone was going to go into attack mode when I put up my Avatar.

Hi to Reno. :slight_smile: