Hi from South-East Queensland

I've been lurking for quite a while now and finally decided to join

I've only a few flashlights, as my limited fun budget has to stretch over too many interests, and I have have many calls on it (from "She who must be lovingly obeyed" to several kids and I've run out of fingers to count the grandkids).

My main hobby is playing with computers (and I notice that BLF is using my favorite CMS - Drupal).

I've made that hobby my source of Income since the mid '70s.

I also a biker and can ride all year here.

My other interests are dabbling in Electronics, Coffee, Chess, Photography, Reading and before the Gun Laws became Draconian, Hunting & Shooting.

p.s. all my personal computers run Linux, and I deploy it on business sites to filter the internet - stopping known malware in downloaded files, email and websites on the way past to internal mail servers or workstations.

My lights are a Convoy M1 XM-L U2-1B 2.8 amp and an Ultrafire 502B with the hot Manafont 3 mode drop-in and a couple of generic 3 watt Luxeon aaa's with clips.

Welcome to the forum. We have several members from Down Under. Don’t know where they are in relation to you. This is a great knowledgeable, friendly community.

Welcome to the family, xv-750! I take it you got your username from your ride, a Yamaha XV-750? Why, oh why, can't they sell bikes like that in the States?? Oh how I envy your being able to ride year round! ;)

Anyway, welcome from a fellow biker (H-D Sporty Custom), flashlight lover, PC and tech geek, gun loving, coffee addicted, cigar smoking grey beard!!

Welcome to BLF!


Hi and welcome!

Traveled the eastcoast of Aus in –95, just love the nature, wildlife and friendly people I met there!

Ok, the spiders and snakes is maybe what I could do without, but anyways, an amazing country you have down under… :slight_smile:

Love to come back some day, but with 3 kids now it´s gonna take some serious saving first…

Hi xv-750,

Welcome to BLF! I’ve been lurking a while too and I’m glad you decided to join. JohnnyMac, that is a cool Yamaha! I used to ride an R6 but I haven’t had a bike for a few years now. Those cafe racer bikes sure would be a nice change from a screaming 600!
Closest thing to that xv-750 that I rode would be a Buell lightning. That was a fun, fun bike!

Hi and welcome xv-750. I was working part time in a Yammy shop when the original 1000 came out. I’d suggest its a good thing were not neighbours as no good would come off it. Cheers.

JohnnyMac this is the closest to a cafe racer I've ever owned.

Welcome to BLF! :party:

Please enjoy your time here, xv-750!

Welcome fellow QLDer !

Always happy to see another Queenslander here!

Good to see another Aussie! Welcome :slight_smile:

Wow! I haven’t seen a Bultaco i a long time! What are you riding these days?

Nice pic of that cafe racer and like them roadsters too! Queensland is a good place to ride bikes barring the wet season from Nov-Apr. Blimey, a lot of members’ origins here beginnin’ to sound like the Commonwealth!

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to BLF!

I've kept the last three bikes for a long time each.

working backwards

the Yamaha XV-750

Honda CX500C

Honda CX500

Suzuki GT500A (late version of the Titan)

Honda CB450

Honda CB350

Bultaco Metralla 250

Bultaco Matador 250

Bultaco Campera 185

Honda 90 Stepthru (in '65).