Hi from Sweden

Hi, i’m Oscar from Sweden :slight_smile:

So, lately i’ve been buying some flashlights, think it started 2-3 months ago with a sk68. then i found this forum…
I have just received my Jacobs A60 from dx, and a sipik sk68 each from focalprice and banggood.com.
Now i’m waiting for a cheap c8 from ebay, and a trustfire TR-3t6 from dx.

I have no idea if this sudden interest in flashlights will pass in some months, or if i’m turning into a flashoholic slowly :wink:

i’m an electronics engineer student, so i like to know about the technical aspects of the flashlights. I don’t think i can contribute to the technical knowledge aspects yet, but maybe in the future :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading lots on the forums so far, and i like the friendly and helpful tone, and often the prices of the discussed flashlights :bigsmile:

Not likely. Welcome to BLF, Oscar.

Welcome to the forums, Oscar!

I’ve spent two weeks in Sweden just this October, I really love the country :slight_smile: I think you will have enough time to test out different flashlights, especially in the dark and long winters . . .


You Germans seem to like Sweden!

I’m a leader for a youth group at church, and there we have a German teenager who moved here with his family a couple of years ago. So i must say that we swedes think you germans can be a bit weird :bigsmile:

i live on the countryside, so i should have a great opportunity for testing flashlights, yes :slight_smile:

Välkommen ! :smiley:

Welcome to BLF, Oscar!

Welcome to BLF, it wont pass you will be hooked.

and you will have more money in your pocket from buying budget lights and not the overpriced main market items

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, OscarM!

Welcome to BLF! You’ll love being here! :slight_smile:

And no, it won’t pass. :wink:


Welcome to the madness.

Welcome to BLF. I hope you have fun here. I know I do ;-)

(And this interest? It will pass - dont you worry about that - when we die)

Welcome Oscar to BLF !!
you’ll love it here just like i love your country’s M90 camo. :slight_smile:

Welcome Oscar M!

it rather seems like i’ll have more lights, and still no arduino kit thanks to this sudden interest :~

And thanks for the welcoming (välkomnandet) everyone!

Welcome to the forum Oscar.

Welcome :party:

welcome - :slight_smile: