Hi from the Netherlands

Hi, I’m Thomas and I’m a beginning torchaholic.

AAA lights:

- Bunch of Richuang RC-7002 (because they look cool and are a nice format)

  • Richuang RC-7002 modded with XPE-R3 and aspheric lens (didn’t work out too well)

AA/14500 lights:

- SK68 (no-brand, Q5) - lots of them

  • Saik SA-15 2*AA (crappy light but nice size, want to mod it)

18650 lights:

- C2 (MXDL, Q5?)

- C8 (UniqueFire, T6)

- C8 (UltraFire, Q5)

- SK98 (E-Smart, T6)

  • UF-2100 (UniqueFire, T6)


- 2*14500 grey Trustfire ‘900mAh’ protected

- 2*18650 grey Ultrafire ‘2400mAh’ protected

- 2*18650 salvaged Samsung 22E

  • 5*18650 salvaged Samsung 26D


- Some random Chinese one that I don’t trust and don’t use, so currently: none

  • Jetbeam i4 PRO intellicharger on the way from Dino

Hi and welcome Thomas. It looks like a good charger is first on your list of purchases. If your half as mad as some of the other members here you will fit in well. Cheers. Edit. Sorry, I did not see that you have another charger on order. Silly blind old me.

Thanks for joining the party, Thomas!

G’day mate. Welcome. Hoe gaat het?

He Thomas!
Leuk dat je ook bij BLF zit, d’r zijn nog n paar andere nederlanders hier!


Hi, Thomas and welcome to BLF! Looks like you have a start on a good collection of lights.

Welcome to the forum, Thomas.

Ha die Thomas, welkom hier, looks like you are in the right place with the lights you have. Nice to see some more dutch speaking people here, we should have a gathering simetime, but we seem to be scattered all over the world (Holland, Japan, Australia).

Hi and welcome to BLF ! (budget low forum) :zipper_mouth_face:

Hiya Dude,