Hi from the UK

Hello people i’m simon,
I’ve been reading the various forums which have impressed me for a while now with all the mods and upgrades, and not to mention the knowledge they offer, but i’ve never got around to saying thanks for it, so i thought i’d be better off joining and stop being a lurker and say hello and thanks to everyone.

Hi lurker and welcome to the mad house. I hope your ready.

It's good to have you here, StyXSIS!

Thanks for the welcome guys.

Howdy, let the pounds flow to the lights… :bigsmile:

Hello and welcome!

Have fun!

welcome aboard, enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

theres quite a few of us here from the uk

Hi Simon! Welcome to BLF! :party:

Thanks people it’s always nice to get a welcome.
Hi chloe, it’s because of you i found this place and afew others, thanks.

Ah cool! :bigsmile: It’s nice to see you here.

Welcome to BLF!


Welcome to a very friendly spot in cyber flashlight space.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:


Agreed to agree! :wink:

The welcome is appreciated, thanks people.