Hi, I'm Erik and I have an addiction.

4Sevens just released their neutral white limited edition models and I have purchased two lights in two days already!

I ordered another one before I received the first one! I have problems, man.

Hello Erik,

Thank you for sharing, let us all now huddle and let the tears (paypal accounts) flow, let them flow freely...

I think you may have shown me the problem! I need to disassociate my paypal account and checking account to prevent automatic withdrawals.

But, the damage is done.


How does this help KLowD9x?

He's got a problem, can't you see?

Don't drink and drive !

The three bears :

Bear 1 = Some one has used my ebay account

Bear2 = Some one has used my Pay Pal account

Bear 3 = There was a flashlight in the post box

Yeah but instead of there being one bear whose bed was just right, there were two. So, I paid them for their beds and moved them to my place.

Hi my name is Erik to and I am also a flashlight addict. Unfortunately the new 4Seven lights were not in my budget, but I have been in the process of doing neutral emitter swaps to all of my lights.

My 3 bears are different from yours.

Bear 1: That tint is to cool.

Bear 2: That tint is to warm.

Bear 3: That tint is just right.

Try as I may i see no problem with that whatsoever ..Is this a trick question ?

Was a trick question !

3 Flashlights does not = an addiction , let us know how it goes when you pass 50

Helo, Erik. Tell us how it was started.

The more flashlights you buy the sooner you will pass through this addiction so ...buy more flashlights...quickly...

what is your question?

Did you get the shakes when the high-CRI email landed in your inbox?

Not so much, no. 2700K is too warm for my liking. However, when I found out that the Zebralight SC600w is available for preorder, I did get the shakes. But then I remembered, Zebralight is horrible about their shipping estimates on preorder lights.