hi JAXMAN's first USB charging small light E2

There is USB charging flashlight for many years. I know how that kind of flashlight is charged. The most failure of USB charging light before is one, the USB femal port is very easy to be broken when the micro USB time. The other is normally the USB ports are all waterproof by a rubber plug. So we did not begin the USB charging flashlight design before.

While now we have solid type c usb femal port, and find a idea of how to hidden the usb port. So the new E2 of JAXMAN is out.

We hide the USB port in the screws of the battery tube. and mount a charging pcb in it. And then the head part can get power by the central pat and the battery tube range.

For safe consideration,we choose the small charing current. Max. 600mA…. we tested and found, it will never been hot.
As the waterproof, it is no problem under 1.2m water.

For more sub-model, we develop the TIR and reflector versions, and the LEDs are also can be modified into many kinds.

Here is the link:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32603827666.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_home.productList_10771177.subject_2

For all BLFers we would like to send a 3400mAH 18650 for free together with the E2 light. pls make a note in your order”BLF”.

Recently the world is not peaceful. We really hope the peace come to the Ukraine and Russia. and never any war in the world. We are all people who in great love to the world and flashlights.

I’m not a big fan of usb on the thread because of the grease.

I am glad that you keep introducing new models, but the prices can be prohibitive and uncompetitive.

I have a two questions.
Any plans for E2L (triple) with usb?
Are the standard 17mm drivers used for this light?

I like it!! Great place to hide the charging port too, it eliminated the crappy rubber port covers.
Great design!

I think this is a great product, just bought the 4000K high CRI +TIR version, it will be my bike front light next winter. :+1:

One question: on the website it says that USB charging is just for emergency use and that the charging cable should be removed in time. Does this mean that charging via USB is unsafe or that the charging is not done well or that charging does not terminate when the battery is full??

And I fully agree with world peace :laughing:
(kidding aside: I appreciate that a company cares for what is happening in the world even if the statement is not particularly bold).

Yeah, this seems like a very nice light Jaxman.

Its great to see Jaxman is still producing lights. The change to USB C is a welcome addition.

Price is pretty good for the quality, Jaxman’s fit and finish is abolutely top notch for budget lights.

Having the charge circuity in the body allows easy driver swapping, I like that.

Would like to see USB charging on the M3 and E2L as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out.

A few comments:

  • From the description, tidbits such as “remove USB wire in time”, the suggestion to use a protected cell and others, it seems that charging is not terminated, but running as long as the cable is attached (and I presume the tail button needs to be in activated mode), is that so?

- That a short could be created means it’s not a solution for average users, but for experts, but would they not carry a travel charger and/or a few spare 18650 cells?

And something else, not necessarily limited to this light:

  • What about lit tail caps? I was looking at these, some ready to use ones are offered by Convoy which may fit the E2L and E2, but from specification these have a very high standby drain of up to 14mA which would mean draining an 18650 in a bit more than 10 days. In a DIY thread I saw a lit cap using 0.29mA which makes more sense as that should be bright enough and would give a standby time of more than a year.

Are you interested in offering such lit switches/caps? (with a low drain).

And does anyone else have suggestions on options for such tail caps that work with the E2L? (I’ve not gone through the DIY thread yet, it’s more than 60 pages so that will take a while)

I think the “remove USB wire in time” simply means to remove the wire once the battery is charged. The same thing applies to any LiIon charger pretty much, remove the batteries when they are charged.

Looks like a great flashlight JAXMAN!

Will you ever sell hosts again?

I guess It stops charging the internal battery once It IS fully charge.

I dont understand why the “unplug the charging cable when done charging”.

Does It trickle charge Weird

Most likely it is Jaxman being overly precautious in their recommendation, there is no reason why they would not have used one of the dedicated charger-chips that does the whole charging, with the correct profile, termination and monitoring.

hi, the pollution of the grease is also one point of my warrying about. while according our test, it is not a problem. the USB C port is in the inner side, not outstanding the screws. So it will not be influnced by the greas in screws.

As the price, we can say, it is propper. The shipping fees now has been about 5 usd for most place. All cost are increasing obviously.

No, only the E2 is done. And we have not prepare well for other models.
Yes, 17mm driver for most 18650 small lights.

hi, I was in same idea with you in past. I hate the rubber plugs because it is easy to be damaged.
Not great, only some special.

hi djozz, thanks a lot.
why I am saying that words, is only one reason. I hope all dear will not get any injure or lost caused by an Li ion. After all ,all Li Ion batteries are danger material. So that is just a note, or normal warning. We have test 50pcs charging , all is ok, no one failed. We have been on testing it many times.

We have some buyers from Ukraine, it is the dark time for them. For anyone not in the war area, life is happy. Such as you ,in the Big Amsterdam, what a good place!

maybe it is nore practical, balance and solid than nice :laughing:

still alive… :person_facepalming:

the driver is easily be replaced, and solid as before.
USB C charging solution will be poluar in future, we are considering more applying in other models.

hi the charging circut works very well. Just want tell users take care of Li Ion charging risk as in any other charging.
the tail switch is a phyisical on/off control, so if we want charge the battery, the tail must be ON.

The tail caps is a normal size of this kind of light. It is a normal item in China market.
We have not that kind of tail… I have not much intersing on that.