hi oztorchfreak, welcome back

So, that’s 14 ha’s in a sentence, have you started wearing your underpants on your head and looking for hidden monarchy?

Because so many ha’s is a sure indication of an unbalanced mind……

And carry on with normal business :wink:

True, but I figured an information post may help avoid other misunderstandings with other new members, to be fair, a few days and I’m sure the rants will make everything clear……

I count 25 ha in his sentence. :wink:

Get a life dude.

Kreisler, I’m prepared to hold off on New members till they reveal themselves, you misdiagnosed don kidik. Let’s try not to make the same mistake? :cowboy_hat_face:

What a sad little micropenis he must have.

He made much the same threats in the last pm I recieved from one of his other pseudonym’s, it would appear that polite does not work so I’ll try blunt. But yes, I feel his could be better spent for his own good. :~

The key is just block whatever proxies he is running through.

I will ignore you a ‘SECOND’ time. On second thought, it is cool having someone to laugh at. Must see TV.

However it is nice that I got my own PM where he insulted me. So thanks.

Scaru….it’s just not fair!I have never gotten any PM’s from this guy!NOT ONE!I knew he wasn’t going to just go away….he can’t, this is all he has in is pathetic “life”.I do want to apolagize to DON KIDIC…I thought he was BJGiver also, sorry DON.Anyways, I just look at this guys as entetainment……13 differant domains to come back to BLF, really?Now THAT is sad!

I'm guessing by domains he means IPs, and all you need for that is another place you can access the internet or a proxy server. Who knows maybe he will include you in the next round. :P I too would like to say sorry to Don.

Ya…I guess that is what he means but who knows?I’m sure there will be another “round” from this bum…he has nothing else.I hope I can get a PM next time….I’m really starting to feel left out!Mabey he thinks he is just too “TACTICOOL” for me?Did you read that BJgiver?I said tacticool…aren’t you offended yet?

Looks like someone escaped the mental ward.

Nuff said...

Nice. Not really sure whats going on here, but that picture is flipping awesome!! Some reference to a creeper I take it

Is that from the South Park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft”? It has hilarious when one of the developers said “How do you kill that which has no life?” LOL

Life without you is boring! Don’t hide…you might bump your empty head…hahahahahaha. Baby come back

Please stop the inflammatory posts. This has been said many times, but this is a flashlight forum. If you’re looking for drama go elsewhere please.