Hi, upgrading my toolbox lights and BLF is a great resource :)

Hi everybody, I just joined, but I’ve been lurking occasionally while I look for some lights to upgrade my ancient LED Lensers. I already received a new HCRI courtesy of Olight and hope to share some photos and thoughts once I figure a few details, and I think I’m going to order something with a Nichia High CRI to compare as well.

Currently reading lots of HKJ’s charger reviews and may have questions imminently… Thanks!

EDIT: a photo of my very modest collection of lights, just a couple of 2011 model LED Lensers and a pair of brand new Olights:

Welcome! We’re always happy to answer questions here. Don’t forget the search bar though!


Indeed, have already been using it. At the moment my main doubt is that I’ve ordered a Klarus branded version of the Enova All-80 for €13.5 (£12) but I’m wondering if I should cancel the order as the are undoubtedly better chargers available for Eneloop. I don’t need eight charging slots, I just ordered it spur of the moment because the price was so low.

EDIT: I’ve put the question in the chargers forum: this thread

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, berk_gb!

Hi and welcome berk.

Welcome to BLF berk_gb! I hope you enjoy the stay!

Welcome to BLF! :partying_face: I like Led Lenser too! :smiley: