Hello, just wanted to post my first post on the forum. Hope to learn a lot here and contribute when I can. I have been a long term surefire fan and recently started playing around with solarforce hardware and have been impressed with the quality. This forum has a lot of good information. Thanks.

Welcome to BLF!

Good evening and welcome. :wink:

Welcome aboard. Hope you have a great time here.

Your avatar makes me want to go camping.

Hi and welcome spcsys. Good luck with keeping the wallet full.

Group buy in 3,2,1…

If you like SF and Solarforce, check out PflexPro you will not be disappointed!

And a big welcome!!!

Welcome aboard… I hope you have a good wallet! :slight_smile:

Welcome to life after P60.

Welcome :slight_smile:

haha - thats exactly what i was thinking :slight_smile: welcome spcsys! if you don’t know what h2o is talking about, you will soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for stopping by, spcsys!

Welcome to BLF! :beer: