HIDCanada.com - MASSIVE Clearout! [Fenix - Xeno - XTAR - Sunwayman - Tenergy]

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We need to make way for new items on our shelves so we’re clearing out all current demo and open box items.


What does “demo and open box” mean? Unlike a “demo car”, a “demo and open box” light simply means it was either on display on our shelves or opened to show customers.


What are the conditions of the items? Just about all of the time, you’ll NEVER notice a difference from a freshly boxed item. There may be a few more specks of dust inside the box but that’s usually about it. We will fully clean each item as required before shipping. All items will come with the original box, holster, warranty cards — anything factory. Note that if an item normally comes in a sealed blister card (eg. E03), the blister card may be opened to demo.


For any batteries or lubes, they will be NEW.


These are NOT CUSTOMER RETURNS or REFURBISHED items in any way. They are also NOT DROPPED, NOT MODIFIED, NOT RUN for more than 5-10 minutes total life.


Purchase Policy and Shipping:


Prices are listed below at MSRP.
Flat rate shipping $5 ANYWHERE around the world.
Payment through PayPal (no surcharges or other funny business)
If your order does not meet the minimum purchase per order (before shipping and discount), it will not be honored.
Sorry, no local pickup available (PayPal rules).
If an item is no longer available due to local interest, we will refund your order in full.
All items ship from Canada.


Terms and Conditions:

All items are sold with standard warranty. All sales are final and any issues will be taken care of by us under warranty. We will test all items (well, except lube) prior to shipment to minimize any DOA.

All items are quantity of ONE unless otherwise specified.

Will only ship to address listed in PayPal account. Non-matching addresses will have payment refunded.


How to Purchase (and WHERE’S THE DEAL?):


Reply to this thread with your items. First “I’LL TAKE IT” rules, as usual.
Add up all your items and give yourself a wonderful 20% off, then add shipping.
Send the TOTAL amount to payments @ hidcanada . com
(remove the spaces of course!)

Remember that your order needs to be minimum $50 before discounts and shipping.


Here is a sample:



Fenix E01 Black - $14
Fenix E01 Blue - $14
XTAR MP2 Charger Set - $18
4 x Tenergy CR123A LiFePO4 750mAh - $20

Subtotal: $66
Discounted: $52.80
Shipping: $5
Total: $57.80


ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. Enjoy the exchange rate savings :slight_smile:

Current Items (may not reflect any purchased items):


While we’ll try and keep this list up to date, please do skim any “I’LL TAKE IT” replies below to ensure your item isn’t already taken.


Psst, don’t forget these are pre-discount Canadian dollar prices. Thanks!


Product ————— Retail Price
Fenix E01 Black ————— $14.00
SOLD Fenix E01 Blue ————— $14.00
Fenix E01 Natural ————— $14.00
SOLD Fenix E01 Purple ————— $14.00
SOLD Fenix E05R2 ————— $21.00
SOLD Fenix E11 ————— $29.00
SOLD Fenix E15 ————— $32.00
Fenix LD01R4 ————— $37.00
Fenix LD10R5 ————— $50.00
Fenix LD15 ————— $42.00
Fenix LD20R5 ————— $58.00
Fenix LD25R4 Neutral White ————— $53.00
Fenix LD40R4 Neutral White ————— $66.00
Fenix MC11 ————— $48.00
Fenix PD10R5 ————— $53.00
Fenix PD20R5 ————— $53.00
Fenix PD32 ————— $72.00
Fenix TA20 ————— $90.00
Fenix TK11R5 ————— $74.00
Fenix TK15R5 ————— $84.00
Fenix TK21U2 ————— $100.00
Fenix TK35 (T6) ————— $105.00
Fenix TK41 ————— $137.00
Fenix TK45 ————— $137.00
Fenix TK50 ————— $90.00
Fenix TK60 ————— $126.00
Fenix TK70 ————— $242.00
XTAR WK21 ————— $39.00
SOLD Xeno CUBE - Cool White ————— $95.00
Xeno CUBE - Warm White ————— $95.00
Xeno CUBE - Neutral White ————— $95.00
SOLD Xeno E03 BLUE - Cool White ————— $37.00
Xeno E03 BLUE - Warm White ————— $37.00
Xeno E03 BLUE - Neutral White ————— $37.00
SOLD Xeno E03 RED - Warm White ————— $37.00
Xeno E03 RED - Neutral White ————— $37.00
Xeno E03 BLACK - Warm White ————— $37.00
Xeno E03 BLACK - Neutral White ————— $37.00
Xeno S3A - Cool White ————— $60.00
Xeno S3A - Warm White ————— $60.00
Xeno S3A - Neutral White ————— $60.00
XTAR MP1s Charger Set ————— $11.00
XTAR MP2 Charger Set ————— $18.00
Nyogel 760G Lube 57g Tube (NEW HUGE!) ————— $21.00
Tenergy CR123A 3.0V 750mAh LiFePO4 (4 avail) ————— $5.00
Sunwayman V10A XML (2 avail) ————— $87.00
Sunwayman V10R R5 ————— $74.00
Sunwayman V10R XML ————— $87.00
Sunwayman M11R Tan ————— $90.00
Sunwayman M11R Natural ————— $90.00
Sunwayman R01A - GREY ————— $14.00
Sunwayman R01A - BLACK ————— $14.00
Sunwayman R01A - ROSE ————— $14.00
Sunwayman R01A - TAN ————— $14.00
Sunwayman V10R Ti+ ————— $200.00
XTAR Spacer (10 avail) ————— $2.00
XTAR WP2II ————— $20.00
XTAR WP6II ————— $33.00
XTAR SP2 (2 avail) ————— $46.00

Updated sold items…

Updated sold items…

I'll take it!

xtar mp1s=11.00

xtar wp6ii-33.00

xtar spacer*4=8




total with shipping 46.60

I will send paypal once you confirm that I got it. :)

That’s right :slight_smile:

Paypal Sent! :)

last time on BLF 27 weeks ago and counting

last time on cpf june

last ime posted on cpf april 2nd

lights in program with stock availability: 5x SWM, 1x Xeno, 1x XTAR, 10x Nitcore, that's it. well, and an dated bunch of Fenix.

Is jason on vacation or the business going down hill?