hidden gold & diamonds

I was just browsing at The Other Place, and I thought I’d open the thread about the Surefire R1 Lawman, just to see what SF might be up to nowadays (I normally don’t read SF threads).

It’s an interesting light, with lots of features, but the price stumped me at first. Around $350 US. Aside from the special features, the light’s specs are similar to any of a hundred other 1x XM-L, 1x 18650 lights out there, which usually sell for < $50 US.

So I concluded that there must be diamonds in the light somewhere, and the body must be made of solid gold. But I looked at the pictures in the thread and didn’t see any gold or diamonds.

Surely, people who buy this light must know some secret that I don’t. They must know where the diamonds are hidden, and how to remove the black paint to see the shiny gold.

Every flashlight is made of gold and diamonds. The best way to extract them is to write "surefire" on it and then sell it to the fanboys on cpf. :P

MSRP of $455? Really? It is an aluminum tube with a XM-L led. How can they justify that crazy price?

How can they justify that crazy price?

There’s a sucker born every minute.

It’s a status symbol thing.
People will pay ridiculous prices to have a “popular ” brand name.

OMG it can use an 18650!!! AND it’s XML!!?!? What will you think of next SureFire?!

Don’t forget it also has a built in charging port !! :bigsmile:

You pay for quality. If you need to pick up dog poop at night, you don’t want that light to fail just as you’re getting close. How can you trust your shoes to a $20 light?


Perhaps, but I’d be afraid to drop that $455 light in the poop. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm sure that the biggest part of that $455.00 is for poop proofing.

Looks like a shitty light anyway, I wouldn’t spend $15 on it.

Also the last guy to post in that thread got one for $290 posted.

I guess this is their recovery plan to pay off all their lawyers… $400 for a $15 light, that should be a federal crime.

I own 6 SF lights, dont see any more in the near future.

Please understand, I’m not saying Surefire is a low or bad quality product.
They make a very good light, and have a warranty program to be proud of. My problem with them is that their performance, doesn’t match their cost…

Wow,no thanks,I own a few old school surefires but they are nuts with this one!Surefire entered the race too late with crap led's (ssc p4)and now their up to date stuff is far too expensive.Don't get me wrong,I like the ones I have and their CS is second to none but not worth it IMO.

watch TadpolePilot get banned! lol :) [quote=TadpolePilot at CPF]

Very nice to see what is new in the market place. Just ordered a SolarForce L 2 M, uses 1 18650 or 1, 2 or 3 CR123a's or rechargeables $12.50 + $2.00 shipping and a drop-in XM-L U-2 5 mode 1,000 lumens for $11.84 = $26.34 Total. This is what I have on order. Has no bragging right's and nothing fancy but this is the kind of person I am like a Timex time peace just works. .


i think he will be called an ass baiter

Let’s play a game of will the smart ass baiter get suspended or not. :party:

Pity he posted it in comic sans size 5 it looks like it was posted by a 12 YO.

And you call this “performance”? :open_mouth:

Man, really, those @SureFire (and those who buy those lights too) are crazy. No offense, guys, but it’s super overpriced.

290$ for the new Surefire?? now i am in!