High CRI vs High Lumens (and 4000k vs 5000k), what should be my deciding buy-factor? (Sofirn SP36 vs upcoming SP36 Pro)

Ah damn that’s kinda sad but not totally unexpected I suppose :frowning: I don’t plan to use the light all that often so perhaps I won’t really mind… Thanks for the info!

Maybe the new C8K could have 5000k? (https://aliexpress.com/item/1005001637838234.html) it should use a SST40 emitter, the C8G has a Cree XHP35…

I did some more testing with my Sofirn SC31 Pro (SST40, 5000k) and I can now see the green tints people are referring to :confused: Does the LH351D at 4000k have the same amount of “green” as the SST40 5000k? Or is it worse?

If anybody can link me to some side-by-side comparisons of the Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril 4000k vs 5000k against a white wall/certain in/outdoor scenario’s that would be much appreciated!

Beat me to it, but yeah, all of the above.

I can’t even tell the difference in lights that are, say, 1000lm vs 1300lm, 1500lm vs 2000lm, etc. The differences are more for meters than eyeballs.

I thought my first 2000lm light would daylight my whole yard vs my now-anæmic 1000lm light, but I was underwhelmed at the difference. A bit brighter, sure, but not the clouds-part-and-sunlight-streams-forth difference I was hoping for.

Thanks for posting this; saved me from ordering a light I wouldn’t want.

Truthfully, I found your post via Google. I was on the Sofirn Aliexpress store page and my Spidey-senses started tingling when I read their cheeky little note:

“stock ship from China now is 5000k color, hurry up ”

I was like: yea…that doesn’t sound fishy in the least :person_facepalming:

The human eye is capable of seeing in very low light conditions. A 30% increase in brightness is much less perceptible to a dilating pupil.
On the other hand, the human eye will not add colour to a scene that lacks it. The 30% trade off in lumens is always worth it in my opinion for a high cri light all else being equal (tint, cct, etc).

In the even that the high CRI light comes in your prefered CCT, its a no brainer to me.
A high CRI light will usually only feel underpowered when you shine a brighter light next to it. On its own, the difference in brightness is much less important :slight_smile:

Last but not least, how throwy an LED is highly affects your perception of brightness. The SST20 is very throwy, so may appear equally bright to a brighter but floodier LED.

No problem, I just want to mention that Sofirn lights are exceptional value for money. I also have a SP36S, SC31 Pro and the C8G. Their customer service is also good. Just a pity about the misinformation on this specific product.

8000 lumens in the SP36 is only going to last for seconds. It will overheat too quickly to be of much good. The default top of lamp in the 5000 lumen model is perfect for this flashlight.