High Drain 18650 Cheap at IMR.

I’m sure many of ya’ll get sales updates from IMR but, for those of you who don’t I thought I would pass this on. Looks like a nice contender to the VTC5. It’s a 25amp 2600mah unprotected flat top. Seems to be a Molicel OEM cell. $1.99 a piece.

Guau, awesome 18650

sold out ----

That was fast. I managed to get a dozen. Didn’t know they would go that quickly.

How did they manage to sell these cells at cost though?

They got some crap for advertising molicel even though they arent branded and not authorized dealer. Prob just trying to get rid of them since the wraps dont match reviews and harder to sell (just a guess)

Good guess…https://liionwholesale.com/

This one just recently got them too: https://www.18650batterystore.com/


I was looking for cheap 18650s to bundle with cheap lights. I don’t mean pulled-from-trashbin CrapFire self-immolating cells, but even “off”/OEM brands that are at least decent, even if only 2000mAH or 2200mAH.

Getting good cells for cheep-cheep-cheep prices would be a bonus.

Ah, well. Went’n’got cheep “LiitoKala” fake panny-Bs for about 2fitty each, for a 6pak.

Thats not too bad at all. I bought a bunch of LG M26’s from Liion a while back to give away with lights. 10amp 2600mah cells. $2.99 a piece I think they are. I imagine you could probably grab them cheaper somewhere else but I thought it was a good deal at the time.

Not too shabby…

Mine are intended to go into low-stress lights (<2A), so even 3A cells would do.

When IMR sent me that email several days ago I :laughing: laughed and deleted it!

My hometown dealer as you will see w/ Kawi’s link is the ONLY authorized dealer for Molicel in USA.

For the 7th time[!!!],they are only 0.9 miles from my condo! Jon Caserta is my neighbor,actually lives across the street.His customer service is unbeatable! After buying stuff for a few years I finally bought an Opus……I came to the warehouse and tested the charger to see how full of a charge it gave. It took Three[one went home w/ me an I returned] until I found King Opus! I returned an efest for a fraction of the LED display not working,it was 7 months old and I got a new one!I am so blessed to have a great place for batteries, chargers, wraps and other accessories :+1: ………………The praise is over!

On the other hand IMR is not a bad place[other than not having AUTHENTIC Molicel P26A!],I have gotten good batteries from them in the past but have little use for them and my original favorite[Illumns] because of Liionwholesale. :wink:

Suit yourself. As I have told others over and over again. If you limit yourself to only buying from certain places then you limit what you can get and at what price. To each their own.

I am not concerned as to who is the ONLY authorized Molicel dealer in the USA. These aren’t marketed or sold as Molicel, they are made by Molicel to be used by OEM’s in battery packs and the like. The markings on the bare cell show it is a P26A with a OEM wrap on it. Nothing more, nothing less. I will happily pay $2 for the cell since they were made available. With or without the AUTHENTIC Molicel wrap.

You laughed and deleted yourself out of a good deal on a good cell. That is your business. Again, suit yourself. I shop all of the big three battery sellers in the US. IMR, Liion, and Illumn. If there is a good deal to be had when I am shopping around I don’t get picky about who I buy them from. They all sell quality cells at fair prices and the occasional good sale prices. I even have a few sellers on Ebay that I buy from, all with free shipping too. If I were to narrow my vision down to only one place, I’d have no reason to shop around. Then again I wouldn’t know if I were getting a fair deal or not either.


Not the only one anymore: NPECELL on Instagram: "🎉🎉🎉 Starting from Apr-1st-2019, NPE/Molicel new Global Distribution Partners (G.D.P)- 18650 Battery Store @18650batterystore from Atalanta,Georgia. Formally starting distribute our best quality Molicel Products for customers in U.S.A., Please support our authorized partners to purchase Molicel products!! With 18650 Battery Store Official website as https://18650batterystore.com #NPE #Molicel #NPEGDP #BestBattery #partnership #vapecommunity #vape #Vapers #feelthepower"

I guess I will have to change/add a few words!

How about the FIRST,BEST AND CLOSEST[0.9 MILES] TO MY HOME authorized USA dealer of Molicel Lithium Ion batteries! :wink: