Hint for purchases, with an alternative to C8

In recent weeks I have bought several new flashlight; three models I found them interesting for the ratio of price and quality.

- The first is the UniqueFire UF-V3.
The flashlight is visually different from the C8, but the reflector with the same dimensions (diameter x height) and are interchangeable; That is, I can put the reflector C8 on V3, and vice versa.

C8 to the left, to the right V3

The difference is in the internal design of the reflector; that the V3 is as follows: (approx.)

The front crown is not aluminum, but not even steel, an alloy is a bit heavier than aluminum and also a bit more robust.

- The second is the Trustfire F16.
Is usually found around 30 dollars but this costs $ 13.33 with XM-L and is a great price. The flashlight is robust, the pill is made of brass.

- The third is the …no name, I find it useful as a “flashlight of proximity”, to read maps at night and in general camping.

I’ve disassembled all the three of us, are not perfect, but are certainly worth their cost. Especially the UF-V3 is a valid alternative to C8 (personal opinion).

Daggum…interesting! Thanks for posting those

I like the look of that light, do you have a picture looking down in the reflector so we can see what your talking about? There is one on KD’s site but it doesnt show any depth.

I have a noname version of the v3. It’s got a few really cheap qualities but okay for like $8. It’s like a ‘mini jacob A60’ with a slighter larger hotspot.

What do you get when you disassemble that “no name (angle head) light”?

I’ve wondered how long it would last with the head hinged that turns 90 degrees — what’s the hinge, how does it transfer electricity across the hinge, how much can it move til it breaks? Driver and LED diameter?
And what’s the switch/modes/memory (I see what they advertise, is it really as described)?

I’ve tried Trustfire Z1/Z2, and Moon M5/M6 (throwaway, not repairable)
I’d like something I take apart to modify and repair

Unfortunately I lack the time to do a review of the flashlight. The photo of the reflector I have, always compared with that of the C8.

Reflector UF-V3

What are the dimensions of the UF-V3 pill? Is it the same, or larger than the C8 pill?

The two pills are similar but not equal, and are not interchangeable.