Hmm...C8 host in Bangood?

Here it is

The problem is that i asked Simon just a week ago and i was told that the Convoy C8 host is on hold for now… are those original enough? Bought 3 pcs for evaluation ofc :bigsmile:

You bought 3 to feed your addiction you mean :wink:

on hold?doe fasstech still have the older version with the removable pill?

Well, Convoy C8 is a hunting standart arround here, its good for nearly everything, including night fishing
And i have tons of 7135 drivers + “wanna be” XML2- u2 leftovers arround here( mostly from Convoy C8 )

Wonder where those came from….Simon dont offers hosts atm too…. or anybody else

Plus, description says: AL pill…… interesting…

Nope they dont dude, unfortunately….hosts i mean

I bought and reviewed this one, it really does have a pill. No, the light is not perfect but not bad and it is 10 bux!

The one in your link looks to have the integrated shelf, based on the view of the rear of the head and the fact that the ring that holds the driver does not appear to be threaded into more than the barrel of the head.

Not hosts, but these grey ones are old stock and the units I received had removable pills (but OP reflectors, unfortunately):

There is also currently a 15% clearance coupon on these: BGLFC

I really prefer the satin grey finish to the matte black ‘chalkboard’ finish.

I ordered it, considering it to be a host. I picked T4-7A and 6*7135 with SMO reflector. I have been wanting to try a &A in a tube light, so I can reflow the emitter and any C8 build should have a FET driver. Likely will be XM-L2 U2 1A with FET when done, but may decide to place the 7A on copper and run with it and a FET driver. I do hope it really is a SMO reflector!

I hope you do get SMOs, but I see the availability of the various tint options dropping , so probably not a big selection left at BG. The 8x7135 SKU has 6-9 days shipping and only one tint option left, so probably out of stock in fact:

For the 6x7135 SKU, pay attention to the stock status of each tint. It seems 4C and 1A are the safest bets at the moment (next day shipping).
I have a few more grey C8s on the way and ordered some reflectors from Simon, just in case.

Simon does have the C8 hosts available but they are priced at 26.00 U.S for a pair. Not sure if most want to buy flashlights in pairs so i too ended up purchasing elsewhere. But he does offer the new C8 host.

Tmart has a Convoy C8 on sale that appears to be the version 2 with pill.

Convoy C8 XML2 U2-1A AK47 7135*8 5-Mode White Light LED Flashlight Black SKU: 32004467 International Warehouse Price: US $15.99