Hmmmm , I saw an interesting video

Now ! whilst I thought this video interesting , I also thought about the hidden dangers .
Not really sure this would be the sort of information I would put on youtube simply because of the possible problems associated with such .
For people that know what they are doing and understand the risks . But for the average joe six pack that surfs youtube ?
I actually ordered some battery holders ( 2x18650 in series ) to make a battery pack for my Taranis Q x7 . I was simply going to solder on a 2s balance plug and recharge the 18650 in a charger .
But I think I should perhaps try this myself … But I wont be doing it blindly … First I will check the batteries for capacity ( they need to be close ) … Discharge should not be an issue due to the low current discharge . But the batteries would want to be closely matched for capacity … + After you make the 2s pack out of them , you would need to test more just in case one or both were perhaps damaged .
Heat and Li-ion Direct soldering would need to be fast so as not to cause any localized damage … ( Its tricky )
I just dont have any unprotected matched 18650 ATM … ( I will have to get some )

Anyhow , thought this interesting … ( For information purposes only )

there is so much about that demo thats just Wrong.
Battery choice being the first and set the tone for rest of vid.

Ill-equiped, bad batteries, sloppy soldering that likely results in cold joints over time.

But he and many others will get away with that :slight_smile:

So sad, that just anyone thinks they can make an instructional video. I watched the first maybe 2 minutes, and it was cringeworthy. He is not familiar with the 18650, had to read it off the batteries themselves. He thinks Ultrafire 6000mAh batteries “work great”. Couldn’t be bothered to even Google them. So much fail.

LiIon is a big topic that needs a few hours to know the basics - most people don’t know why those batteries should be more dangerous than Alkalines and why cheap ones are even more dangerous than proper ones for just double the price.
Cheap Alkalines are often even better than Energizers and other pricey brands - so a lot of people think, that this is also the case with LiIon batteries.

It’s sad to see this, especially because he may sound like someone who knows what he’s talking about to a muggle.

Me and myself, we are a person who reads a ton of information before purchasing any technical stuff, because I want to get the best bang for the buck - but a lot of people just buy whatever ebay offers them and don’t really care if it’s proper or not.
Those 9800mAh batteries have good ratings on Amazon and ebay - so they can’t be bad, right?
Well, 5000 ratings from 5000 people who have 0 idea what they are talking about is worth exactly that - 0

It’s really kinda scary. I haven’t met a single person irl that knows about liion cells, but I know probably 10-12 people who use them frequently. It’s mostly people who vape using “a big battery.” Thankfully the vape store owners seem to know how to not blow up their customers and supply them with good 18650’s and chargers, but they give so little information about the cells and how to handle them properly…

A case of the blind leading the blind ( unfortunately ) .
And what happens if another blind mouse follows this lead and something goes puff the magic dragon ! ( Liability concerns )

Oh well !

This is how I would do it = Actually this is how I did it !