Hmmmm Surfing KD Interesting 16340 light XP-G R5 now XP-G R5 now Hmmm , is this the $17 drop in , so host for almost free Price is a little ??

L2m with a T6 for $20?



Yeah, I ordered one too. I'm guessing the S/F mini host is a fake since host alone is 20 bucks on the S/F site. But I'll let Foy have the last word on that after he dissects his in public.

The price makes some sense in that I had just ordered a mini-p60 Ultrafire host, for about $5.

Did you notice the reviews? One said the dropin pulled 2.4A, the other said 1.2A Big spread, but worth the gamble.

For a Cr123-powered XM-L, I'll probably swap an XR-E from another light and use the KD XM-L in an 18650 light.

My first order from KD, hope it goes well. Do we get any discounts there?

IMR 16340 VS ?? RCR123A .. An unknown brand ATM .. so ? and if its not fully charged , its not going to perform , not with XM-L

This is a case where the parts should be worth more than the whole.

That J10 is nice...too bad it is single mode. I hope they make AA versions as well with modes!

It just so happens I have an L2m tube on the way from solarforce-sales as well. A T6 drop-in for $20 and a roll-the-dice Solarforce fake? Absolutely could not pass that up, especially since I just ordered the real thing not five minutes ago. Don't know where you live old but like it or not, the connection was real.

Land of Oz ! [ Melbourne Australia ]

Sometime's , youd swear the wizard was running things !

Some of old4570 findings are also available at Manafont

Ultrafire M2 Cree R5 5-Mode 280-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (AA) $18.03

Ultrafire M1 Cree R5 3-Mode 280-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (CR123A/16340) $17.80

The emitters look XP-G'ish

And this too there is. There is opinion about torch?

I got the L2M from solarforce and to be honest i wish i had bought the KD one, the finish isn't perfect ands the new tail tactical tail switch is horrible it's just too stiff for momentary use.

Thanks. I know I don't really need any more 16340 lights but I was thinking about getting one anyway, even if it's just for some spare lego parts and goofing around and this sort of pushed me over the edge. :)

You could also get just the L2m tube from solarforce-sales and use your other L2 compatible parts to turn it into a complete flashlight. It's currently just $7.99. It's too bad that they don't say if it's wide enough to take an 18650 if you add an extension tube.

That KD J10($13.73) is the same J01 sold by DX for only$11.40

I just ordered the L2m too. A HELLA good deal!

See what you did, old - all these folks, myself included, had no idea they needed this light. This board is a dangerous place.


You got that right Foy.

Be interesting to see if these all get delivered about the same time. Gotta catch up to this thread again in about 3 weeks...

Sure does , I was looking at it as a mod host ... Next month might have to buy one ..

You dont know you need it , till some one points at it and sais - Look !

All L2m should be 18mm now [ Solarforce made ]