Hobby charger?

What is a hobby charger?
Is it like my nitecore intellecharger i4 v2?
Thanks, MikieG

hobby charger will allow you to do a lot more. charge different chemistry’s, charge packs in series, balance charge……
that one linked seems to be pretty popular for the price. you will need a power supply and charging leads

For someone that owns many different size li-ions or packs and nimhs its the way to go. Can charge almost everything you through at it.
Very good explanation of a hobby charger by member HKJ.

The nitecore i4 will charge any chemistry as well. Just wondering what the advantage is. Also, i did not see a price on the one in the link. How much $ ?
Thanks, MikieG

if you just leave that page open and wait a while, a pop up will come offering a discount. got to add in price of a power supply and charging cables too.

Said it comes with an array of cables to accommodate any type. What do you recommend as a power source?

For power source just pick up a cheap 75w laptop power supply from DX or Fasttech.

I happen to have a gateway power chord pack thingy from a dead laptop.
You suppose this might work?

Any of these will work as long as it has a 5.5mm by 2.5mm barrel type plug. 5amps or better would be best.

Suppose the plug is wrong, where would i get the proper plug for a splice?

If you can just post up a pic of the label of the power pack, it’s easy to see if it will work from that.

I will have to retrieve it when i get back. So i can get this hobby charger for $25?
Does it have any real advantages over the i4?

Might find something here.

You guys are on top of this!!!

@Mikie, I personally wouln't recommend a hobby charger for you. It requires setting the settings every time you use it along with a decent amount of DIY, for the beginner a Intellicharger I4 is all you need.

Agreed. The Intellicharger I4 is your best bet. A hobby charger in the hands of a beginner can be disastrous to say the least.

Yup! I've made/modded custom kit and RC cars for years and I still don't trust myself to charge anything but my LiPos.

Despite the 'hobby' label, a hobby charger doesn't make batteries fun little playthings that can be mucked about with.

Charging batteries with a charger like the Nitecore is relatively inexpensive, easy, mindless and safe. A hobby charger makes charging those same batteries relatively expensive, tedious, complicated and dangerous. :)

Before I get one, I need to answer yes to at least one of the following questions:

  • Do I have a multi-cell flashlight that has its batteries run in series?
  • Will I be review any batteries?
  • Can and will I build a harness so I can charge multiple batteries simultaneously?
  • Do I have a battery pack with balancing cables?

Thanks fellas. I read about these chargers here. I just got this new nitecore. I am quite happy with it so far.