Hoisting the E1320 signal light!

I don’t need this, but I want it whenever these might be done. This is me being patient. :slight_smile:

A gathering point for the patient guys, what an excellent idea! I have been postponing buying my new EDC since i read this post 8)

I know, it's tough to be patient.

I was thinking about this: E1320 is from New Hampshire. And "Hurricane Sandy is expected to reach New Hampshire at midday on Monday and stay in the area for 24 hours or more." E probably has more important things to worry about than the custom lights at the moment.

I want to take this opportunity to wish good luck to everyone in the path of Sandy. Our thoughts are with you.

Definitely, +1

Its a baby E2100!!! Super nice and super priced!!!

Maybe its name can be Epocket Rocket!

Good thoughts! I hadn’t seen him posting much and this was originally going to be a hope he’s doing OK thread…

But very recently my son has been trading emails with Erik for a couple drop-ins, so I know he’s feeling better (and he’s been online recently).

He’s probably getting hammered by the storm about now, but the silver lining will hopefully be some day he’ll be ready to take on another massive challenge.

In the meantime, those interested in one of these can post that they are. And others can just post best wishes for riding out the storm!


subscribed to this FO SHO

i want 2.


Don’t worry guys I didn’t forget. I got sick and have this incessant shaking that won’t go away and keeps me from soldering. Once the shaking stops I have 8 UF –2100s to build, a bunch of drop ins to get caught up on and than I can get started on the AA lights. I already have 5 bare hosts to get started and some take out Zeno drivers for those that want the option to use AA or 14500. Be patient they are in the works, hopefully I can get some out in time for Christmas.

hope you get better soon

Please keep taking care of yourself, Erik! I’d prefer no time frame and just hope we can keep hearing how things are going.

After O-L’s review of this host (same one?), I’ve been wondering if there might be something worth a few dollars to get better quality.



I would like one also but your health is the most important thing. Take as much time as you need.