Hollow pillow: solid pill is now ready with XML2 light for 7.99 FREE Ship

Hollow pillow: solid pill is now ready with XML2 light for 7.99 FREE Ship

greater out put and better heat dispersion


It’s a soild pillow hole folks. Pillow Hole: Solid (much better heat radiation than the other). The chingrish is strong with this one.

All this pillow talk is making my flashlight, um . . . more solid.

Your english may not be good, but at least you know what's important to us.

I like a good solid pillow…

sorry mate, couldn’t resist.

^ Looks like giant undies.

earlier discussion is at Zuessray posts please go to link: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/34292

Good Day Dealmetic, :slight_smile:

Shipping is Free when buying only 1
I want to buy more than 1, BUT shipping is NOT Free…

Could You Please make it Free Shipping when buying more than 1?…

Thank You Very Much,

This is a pretty good deal. It's a 18650 zoomie, under $10 shipped w/XM-L2, decent pill. The switch is not looking good (sealed up, no retainer ring), but not surprising at this price pt.

My similar Sipik SK73 is a hollow pill(ow), 17mm DD configured driver, and has an aluminum retainer ring for the switch, so it's easily serviceable. I'm unsure what amps this driver in the Dealmetic light will do.

I have problem checking out. When I choose International Air Mail (No Tracking), it says “Shipping option is incorrect, please choose a valid shipping method”.

cross reference, they started a new topic:

says there the IT folks fixed their shopping cart.

I’m still hoping for a picture of the other side of the pill, to see how flat the surface is that the LED is on and have some idea how it transfers heat away.

” XML L2” … :open_mouth:

I keep trying to purchase by non-member checkout.
I add the light to my cart, change to free shipping option,
then on the bottom “non member checkout” I enter email address
and click “paypal” but it keeps putting me back to an empty cart with the
message “There are no item in shopping Carts,
Check out CANNOT be completed.”

Please tell me how to purchase this light with paypal.

I just ordered one, I had to become a member to get the order through, I have the paypap email so far but nothing else. Just have to wait now.

Have you had any confirmation from Dealmetic yet?

I ordered two this morning and got a Paypal confirmation of paying but it doesn’t say what for and no auto email from Dealmetic, I even emailed them asking for confirmation but as of yet haven’t heard back.

Fair play to Dealmetic they have replied saying order processed and ready to post out.

Hope their delivery is faster than Lightscastle, if this comes as fast as their getting it ready to post I’ll use them again :bigsmile:

I got one of these in. It is a true DD - high amps on a good cell. Wow, great deal, pill top is a full 7mm thick - unheard of the the budget world at this price! The tailcap assembly can be opened - I drilled two holes into the plastic, used a needlenose and was able to twist it out. Copper wired up the spring - she is cranking now Smile.

Ordered #2 - great deal!! XM-L2, thick pill top, high amp DD driver - can't get much better for a small 18650 zoomie.

It's the ZeusRay - weird name, but...

It's the type that has a very wide flood, which I like - beats the SK98 in flood width, and much wider than the Sipik SK73.

Thanks Tom, because of you I have one on the way and will probably buy more. I don’t think there’s a better performing zoomie at this price. It’s an amazing deal.

I ordered on 8/11 and got it today 8/21, I never got any emails from Dealmetic,
I like it, its a little brighter and the flood is a little wider than my no name sk98.
It does get hot if its on high for a few minutes. In the picture the front of the flashlight is 12 inches from the wall.

ordered one today. I think this is a good deal. Thanks.