Holster for UF-2100

I'm looking for two leather or fabric holsters that fit the UF-2100.

Any off-the-shelf goodies?

Belt clip or loop, and velcro or snap cover on them would be nice too.

Going to put together chargers/batteries/lights/holsters for gifts.


ive been look for an off the shelf holster for the UF-2100 fora friend with no joy

This maybe ?


I think it is hard to find one for specified flashlight,maybe you can buy universal ones

I posted about the Jetbeam small holster…you can search for the post under ‘holster for aa lights’ for pictures etc. I’ve seen these on ebay too. Best holster I’ve ever seen, tough as nails and fits a 2100 very well. I can’t link as I’m on my phone, sorry.

You beat me to it .... yeah great holster I bought 5 or so from this deal it fits the uf 2100 or the yezel z1 like it was made for it .. tough as nails ..I think I used a black marker on the logo to tone it down a bit ...I forget... If i did , It worked so well it's hard to notice that it didn't come that way from the factory .. great pouch ... I sometimes feel guilty for buying the last 6 or so from outfitters dot com? but I was happy to see they are still available from some vendors on ebay ...I had seen that a few months ago as well ..these are worth having ..If you have that light it's a perfect fit

They get a

*Boaz recommendation *


I'm at a computer now...here are a few links to the jetbeam...I've never used these suppliers:



I use the holster I got from my sa-1..I broke my first sa-1 messing with it so I had an extra holster..works great..

I took a chance based on the size stated in the ad and bought one of these.


It arrived today and it fits the 2100 pretty well. Only set back is that the velcro only catches about 60% on the flap. Still securely closed and snug.

Seller accepted $2.25 offer. Give it a try if shipping for the JetBeam is too much to where you might live.

EDIT: After messing with it for a bit it seems it will eventually if kept closed tight will "form" to the light. I can now get about 70% velcro coverage. Very secure now

I bought the one above that noodles is showing a picture of and it just can't be compared to the jetbeam holster ..It looks good in the pictures or i wouldn't have bought it, but it's not even close to being in the same league ..it's not terrible it's worth the 2 bucks ...It's just that the jetbeam is so much better .Like soytnly said ..it's the best he's ever seen .

very nice case worth hunting down .

If you can find the jetbeam holster for 8$ or less i'd say ...Buy it .. you'll like it

The Camo mid-size holster at DX fits adequately

It might seem a bit too long, but my torch doesn't move and there is more than enough velcro to hold down securely


Pictured below is the Fandyfire 2100, but I believe it has the same dimensions as the UF-2100