holster/sheath for UF-2100?

anyone have a lead on a good-fitting holster for the UF-2100? i like to carry mine when fishing at night and would like to carry on the belt instead of pocket. velcro/clasp must be able to work when wet and be able to withstand saltwater. thanks!

I use the niteyes holster….love it.

+1 I love mine, it works with almost every light I own. (It will hold the DRY but not well)

Mine is riding in a coast from a px25

not sure without trying, but i would think the straight, ‘no-head’ form of the 2100 would slide right out the bottom of that holster? anyone have both and can verify? thanks for the suggestion either way!

Get this one… Is the smaller Ultrafire 360 degree…. Nice !

It works fine with mine. However if want to play it safe you can loop a zip tie through it.

i like that clip and i like the holsters you guys have suggested. they look much cleaner and sturdier than the stuff on the usual sites. gonna look for that combo from a domestic seller. thanks for the help everyone!!!

Forgot to mention that’s an UF2100 E1320 e-Tomic in the holster ! Good Luck ……

that’s a Solarforce L2 clip right? just makin’ sure before i put in the order and do the HK Wait. can’t find it in the US unfortunately. thanks…

Yeah…. Solarforce L2 clip and it fits the UF2100 perfect ! They are like $6.00 and if I was you, order a couple …. They fit a large variety of lights…. Very strong and looks sweet !!!

update: i ordered the Solarforce clips and an UF holster and am pleased with both. i don’t have a belt for the holster yet (winter project) so i can’t speak too much to it’s function, but it’s fairly well built and holds the light securely. with the clip, i’m certain it’ll hold very well. i have used the clip in pocket and on my jacket and it works great on it’s own. not sure i’m so confident that it can’t be swiped off if i were to take a tumble on some rocks so i try to wear it inside the pocket with the tail sticking out.

thanks for the tips!

Glad we could help … :wink: