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What is good to mod about the silver xenon Maglights?
Thx in adv.

Actually any incandescent Maglite is a good host for modding. I just like the 2D size because with minor machining to the tail cap it will fit two big LION batteries. With those big LIONs you can push hard on any emitter and still maintain long run times.

For me it started when somebody on Candle Power Forums posted a thread on how to install a P4 emitter in a Maglite. Somewhere around that time Setapong (on Candle power forums) also started making H22A aluminum heatsinks for the Maglites.

Setapong made it possible for literally thousands of people to modify their own lights. I just checked and he still has an active thread selling Maglite heatsinks. My current projects will require solid copper heatsinks though so I’m on my own on that project.

Stopped by my Home Depot yesterday and those carts are in fact $89. No other deals found except that I saw the 3D ArmorMax lights this time for $15. Saw no florescent fixtures marked down at all.


Garry, I was traveling all day yesterday and stopped by 6 Home Depots. I had copies of the UPC codes for the 3D ArmourMax $15, the twin pack of Maglite Pros $20 , the Husky 2 set flashlights at $14.06 and the Husky cart that lists for $89. Those 6 stores were in CT, NY, PA and Ohio. Each store had the same prices except that 2 stores had penny prices for the Husky cart. They must have cleared them out. Go figure

i’m going right now to look for penny deals.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth hunting for penny deals. I’m about to give up on my store.


i was just kidding and decided i did not want to give anyone any illegal ideas so plz delete your post

Garry, please edit out your quote. Only you can do that, LOL

Printing up barcodes and using them to buy stuff is larceny and will land whoever in jail.
We all know that I just use them to price check.
BTW, every once in awhile I will read about someone getting arrested for doing just that.

As an aside, the 2 stores that had the Husky carts scanning at a penny didn’t have any.
And I was glad. I would never have tried to scan that big box at the self checkout, and if there was one that I had to leave behind, it would have bothered me for days. >-)

Post edited.


can you post a cite for that?

do you mean cite a post, or post a site? :smiley:

I am talking about people that stick UPC codes from another item on top of the correct UPC.
For instance sticking the barcode for a bar of soap on top a barcode to a radio. Or just changing the price on an item.

First off, warm soapy water does, in fact kill “germs” if by that you mean bacteria that cause infection. You don’t even need “antibacterial soap”. When I helped write the Handwash Procedure Policy for a local primary-care network, we got to study that in some detail. The CDC, and others have studied this and we used their findings for our Policy justification. (LMGTFY)
Lather your hands with comfortably-warm, soapy water & scrub for ~20 seconds, rinse until the soap smell is gone (i.e. “completely”), then dry them thoroughly with a fresh paper towel & you can get away with working inside a live human body (until proper medical care can be arranged, of course!!). (Ditch medicine never had it this good!)

Ewwww!!! I’m just going to put this out there: NO Sleepovers At Your House, EVER!!! :smiley:

You’re right about that, actually. Well, except the OCD overtones… I refurbished keyboards “back in the day” & my SOP was to disassemble them completely, put all the non-electronics parts in the dishwasher & run it with “heavy pot cleaning” soap & cycles. Worked great. As in “Sterilized”.

Please feel free to let me cover the cost of shipping to me any laptops, tablets, droids you feel this way about! They all have dirty, nasty keyboards too!

Sorry this is late, duty called & I answered. Back to reading…

I said “soap/cleaner”; I’d use a cleaner that does, or at least is supposed to kill “germs”, or maybe even bleach.


In general, you need to stay away from antibacterial, antibiotic cleansers. Washing your hands with soap and water removes bacteria from your skin and hands and, otherwise, keep your (possibly unclean) hands and fingers out of your eyes, nose and mouth. The over-use of antibiotic cleaners is helping produce resistant super bugs by killing off non-resistant strains which by competition hold the resistant bugs in check. Also, not requesting antibiotics for virus-based illnesses and completely finishing all antibiotic pills when prescribed. Thanks to the over and incorrect use we now have MRSA and completely resistant strains of tuberculosis. I’ll step off the soap box now.


Not to beat you over the head, but it’s actually the under -use of antibiotic soap that’s the problem. That and the ubiquitous alcohol-gel dispensers. Ignorant people seem to believe that the mere touch of an antibiotic soap or some magic goo will make it so they don’t actually have to scrub, rinse and dry their hands anymore.

In the experiments and studies I mentioned earlier, they found that if you wash your hands properly it doesn’t matter whether you use antibiotic soap or not. Likewise if you don’t wash properly. And the alcohol gels are for after washing, not in lieu of.

[quote=Dimbo The Blinky]

I cringe when I see people rub antibacterial gels on their hands and put food in their mouth right after. Maybe the bacteria is dead, but what about lead, arsenic and other chemicals/toxic metals they picked up as they touch things all around themselves?

In reality, what they’re doing is teaching their bodies to fight off infections. By taking on a small “dose” of antagonistic organisms, all living things can develop antibodies (you’ve heard this before, it’s called “vaccination”) which fight off the infectious material from then on. That system is as old as Life itself and it works perfectly. The problem is doing it out of ignorance or belief: If you’re not aware of what you’re “self-vaccinating” against, you won’t know until it’s too late whether it will kill you or not.

Not that any of this has anything to do with Home Despot…

Sure it is. There are tons of “germs” at HD’s. I’m with you Dim. Germs provide exercise for my immune system. Gotta it keep in shape too.