Home Depot Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

I know the feeling - that sort of missed deal can really get under the skin and stick with you sometimes.

dchomak wrote:

JasonJ wrote:
So how much time after something goes to a 75% off, “3” price, does it drop to a penny? About a month?

Usually 3 weeks or so but there is no definite time. All I can say is those 11/5/2015 dates are due at any time.
An example of one that breaks the mode is this one I came across in the same store. Date on the tag is 04/28/2014! Yet it scanned for $3.83

I can't find any rhyme or reason to the timing. Most of the time, it has to be about 3 months before it goes to a penny. I'm thinking the individual store can over ride the price change if they so desire.

Usually about 3 months from the DOB on the yellow tag. Also about 3 weeks from the first appearance of the “3” price

Then again sometimes this happens. This bag of 25 bungee cords with 4 ratcheting tie downs started at 19.88. Then it went to $10, that’s when I posted it after having bought 1. Then they went to $7 and I bought 2 more. Ironically yesterday I used them all up securing stuff in my van getting ready for a trip. This morning I went to HD and ran into this!

There were 2, I am now “bungee rich”

For some reason these never saw a “6” price nor a “3” price

Update! The $15 jigsaw I mentioned is now on “Clearance” for $13.50. Which is nice but does that mean that this product will soon not be for sale anymore? :open_mouth: :frowning: I hope not, or it would be really annoying because it’s out of stock!

Speaking of which, all of the cheapest tools are out of stock! :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

To get in on this deal ya gotta be quick.
Right now I am in Ohio helping a friend remodel his bathroom. Of course we have to visit his HD every day. This 18V hedge trimmer has been reduced from $99 to 75.06 for a couple of months now, so I figured it was due for a “3” price for a reduction of $75% any day now. I have been keeping my eye on them and today they turned. $25.03 and includes battery and charger.

have you ever seen anything this big go down to 1 cent?

Stopped at my HD on the way to work today. Didn’t seem to have any. Only the newer 22” model and the 40v Model were out. Thanks for the alert anyway dchomak. You the man!


Yes I have.
Last year while traveling through NY I found an 18V Ryobi hard surface blower for a penny. It is in the same line of tools as the hedge trimmer and also came with a battery and charger. Original price was $119
6 weeks later I found another at the SAME store!

Picture of when they were at $75.06

That is amazing! We never get hose in Canada, different system i suppose, i got this for $23 on clearance and it was an amazing deal, never went lower, disappeared from the system a few weeks later.

Will be checking this today at my local HD, maybe even the other one next town over… I have a few of the Ryobi ONE+ 18v tools, so even just for the extra battery and charger, this is worth the cost.

My wife and I are on 2 day trip through Ohio. She’s driving and I am quietly browsing BLF. The radio is not playing and she suddenly turned to me and exclaimed that the Home Depot back in Connecticut was just evacuated due to a gas leak.
I was incredulous and asked hOW do you know THAT?
(She got a Channel 3 news alert on her Apple Watch) :smiley:

On this day trip she allowed me to stop and check out a HD that we passed and there were no clearance hedge trimmers on the floor, just the newer model. I did check the overheads and found 3 of the model on clearance and pulled one down. Even though there were no stickers it scanned for 25.03. I grabbed 2, the third box was open.

ImA4, if it’s not too much trouble you could check your overhead shelves for unmarked stock.

Hey dchomak. Hope your trip is going well. I stopped at a HD on the way home from work yesterday and searched the upper shelves as requested. Could not find anything, but was really surprised by the amount of “stuff” that was up there. Looking around the store, I saw quite a few items that seemed to be in areas unrelated to the product. So there could be some of those hedge trimmers somewhere in the store.

Thanks of the tip. Going forward, I’m going to start looking up!

I forgot to tell this; You know those Philips basic bulb that sold for $4.97 per 2-pack ($2.48 per lamp)? Well recently I saw those lamps on sale for $3.00 per 2-pack ($1.50 per lamp). That’s a very good price! Not as good as those TCP lamps that I got for $1.28 each I think it was, but it’s close.
Soon LED retrofit lamps (“bulbs”) will be super cheap and disposable like incandescents, and be 25¢ each or so. :smiley:
CFLs are already there, and have been for a little while now.

Also here’s another interesting thing. At Home Depot I saw this poster/advertisement thing that said something like Free Batteries; Free Parts; Free Service; for life, for RDIGID tools… apparently RIDGID has a “Lifetime Service Agreement” where, if you register your tool within 90 days of purchase, you will get free parts (including replacement batteries) and free service for life (until you, or whoever purchased the tool, dies). https://register.ridgidpower.com/about_lsa
If this actually works then this must be awesome! :smiley: One of the problems with cordless drills is that when the battery reaches end of life and you need a new one, replacement batteries are so expensive that a new tool with battery included is not much more. With this agreement, you can send in your tool and they should give you a new battery for free! Wow :smiley:
Sounds too good to be true… is it? Anyone had any experience with this thing?

Some stuff I came across lately.
I am seeing the twin pack of Philips bulbs for $3 that poiiy mentioned above. This is a good deal

Here is a carriage full of drinking glasses that did not sell. Marked at a penny and on their way to the dumpster.

4Ah 18V Ridgid battery and FAST charger for $49. Heck, the charger alone is $50!

Clearance on BR30’s

I found 2 of the 40 piece Milwaukee Shockwave bit sets for a penny a piece

haha i saw those drinking cups and related cups on sale for $6 :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and hey look, there are new emoticons :DRUNK: :HAT: >:/ }:)

Well, find some now and maybe they will ring up for a penny! :sushi:

The Home depot in nearby Danbury hardly ever has bargains like the what you show
Some times if I’m near New Milford I stop in but never find good stuff cheap.

A Columbia, SC HD has several of the Defiant flashlights on sale. The 3D Armormax was $15 and that 2AA that looks interesting to me was $11. Can’t find them on their website. So it appears they are clearing out that line. Didn’t see any of the AA or C Armormax’s around.

I saw 2 of the 3D Armourmax for $15 each also.

And , welcome back!

Thanks. Been stretched a bit thin lately. Is that 3D the same light that you modded here.

EDIT: Knix that question. I see it is a different 3D model once I scrolled through the linked OP.