Home Depot: Leatherman Sidekick Multitool $20


You can get it even cheaper if you use paypal.


I already have one of these and it's pretty nice.

Bumping this deal for anyone looking for a great price on a genuine leatherman. The reviews are excellent so get em while they last. Thanks for posting!

So, who´s willing to buy one and ship it to me? :wink:

You americans have all the fun!

Out of stock

what ya willing to trade for it :wink:

never shipped international, shipping may be more than the leatherman

Fortunately for US residents they may still be in stock in store.

I played with ST300 and WingMan at the store couple of months ago and found their quality to be lacking.
I hope it was because they were display models, I really do :D!

Other than that, for less than 20$ its a steal, even tho its made in Mexico ;)!