Homemade Triple P60

Got bored this morning and went to the hardware store for some more brass fittings. Put together this triple p60 light that is kind of cool. Running on 3 18650’s with fasttech one mode xml’s. I simple just soldered the 3 heads together and the rest just screw into the head. You have to turn each on individually. This thing probably weights 3lbs with batteries. I don’t know how but beam is perfect they all funnel into one hot spot. The other little light runs on 1 16340 with a one mode xpg r5 also from ft. I have put a link to the pics, didn’t know how to attach them.


Looks very cool, and you can exercise with it. Quite creative.

That thing looks epic!!! I may have to go try to make my own now...

Thats not triple brass, thats triple bad-ass!

Looking really good.

That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Nice light and very creative. Whats next?

That is awesome! Nothing like polished brass.

Thanks for moving a pic over.

Love it man. Very nice job brazing the “bezels” together.

Very sweet looking! The ultimate in heat sinking too.

Took another look, and now I’m confused. How does the switch work? Is it just twist to turn on? If so, what sits between the contact at the negative end of the battery and the housing?

yes just twist on and off. the spring keeps the battery held away from end cap until tightened down. the springs are the outside spring off of the dropin.

i guess the spring actually holds the cap off of the battery. the spring is larger than the battery and goes around the battery.

If you don’t mind, how much does one P60 host run you as far as the brass fittings go? I want to try building one.

Very unique and clever idea! Looks awesome.

Thanks for putting this up for us to see.


Very Awesome!

Really cool idea!A brass handle would look killer on this,very creative project cashesvalley.

You could buy a triple cheaper. I think the fittings were around $40.

I love brass (and aluminum bronze) and your flashlight looks great. I think I have to visit the next hardware store asap :slight_smile: