Hong Kong mail help

Hey guys I went on vacation for 2 weeks and I have mail that came from HK through FED-X I only order through deal extream and cncgoods and its been sent back to the shipper and I can’t find who it’s from any help on how to find who it’s from lol

It’s either sent to you incorrectly or I notice packages lately are sent the circuitous way instead of the shortest ‘straight line’, so to speak. My parcel from China went to Hongkong, Singapore, then to me using 2 different couriers.

Tracking number? It should show attempted delivery date. Cross check the tracking number with your accounts. When you sign into DX or CNQG, your account should show what tracking number belongs to what order.

Ill try that the FedEx guy said the package said there name was zaong XI RAN ??

But ill see if I can locate any tracking numbers and see if they match