Hoping somebody gets one of these. I'd love to see a review.


A very odd looking device like a sort of Zebralight clone but it doesn't come with a headband but does have a clip. Might actually be useful if they lose the strobe setting.

Saw this on CPF. I'm a big Zebralight fan so I may give it a try, but I really with the budget lights would start producing a lower low mode.

I've been wanting the ZL H31 for a while now and the one advantage (depending on your preference) this Trustfire light appears to have over the Zebralight, is the attached pocket clip. The zebralight comes with a removeable clip but I like the idea of the clip be permanent

I was looking at the zebralights page, jumped to DX, saw this and ordered one. Go figure...

Please do let us know how you get on with it. Im not buying any more than $5 lights this month (there are 2 or 3 in the post just now) but if it gets good reviews, I'll get one next month. So I really want to know how people like it.

That's a nice looking light. I'm also curious to know how it tests.

It does look nice......is there one in AA format.

There doesn't seem to be one at present. If it really is driving the LED at 1300mA, that is way beyond spec for an XP-E which tops out at 1A. Hope it is really well heatsinked. If it sells, no doubt there'll be 18650 and AA versions. However, it does cost a third of what my Zebralight H50 did. But it was worth every single penny.

I look forward to a review of this (in our forum also has been ordered).
IMO this would also benefit from an R5 instead of a XRE.
Will have to wait to
dismantle it on arrival... :bigsmile:

Just an update: the status on my order says: Processing - Awaiting Stock, after saying packaging....

It seems I'll have to wait another month or so for the light. Arrrghhh!

Dont worry half us have been there......and it sucks waiting.

It has arrived. Finally!

It heats a lot in high mode. 3-3,5minutes on and the heat becomes unconfortable. The heat does go through the entire flashlight. I believe this means good heat sinking, or at least good heat dissipation...

On low, it does not heat up. It can go for a long time.

The beam has 2 distinct rings. One on the outside, and another closer to the center.

It came with everything loose, but there were no scratches.

It's not silvered colored, but a greyish/greenish color.

It has GiTD o-rings in all it's threads, and one between the glass and the reflector. The threads are smooth, and are quite well machined.

The head be taken off quite easily.

Took some measurements with my cheap DMM:

high: 1.01A

low: 0.09A

Strobe: 0.49A

(i followed these instructions: http://www.lygte-info.dk/info/Measurement%20UK.html, if I have done something wrong, please tell me! This is the first time doing this...)

I'm going to wait till it's dark, to test it outside.

Those numbers look like you got it right to me. Not surprised it gets hot at that sort of current draw. It looks like there is a very big difference in brightness between high and low.

Was that with a rechargeable or a primary CR123?

I wish you'd said it was awful as it is payday today...

I tested it with a rechargable 16340 Protected Ultrafire.

Thanks for that. I really don't want to get into lights that'll only work with primaries - I spend far too much already...

Yes i know what you mean, thats the reason why most of use get lights where we can use rechargeable liths, free lumens and your not wondering how much capacity is being used in a primary.