Host recommendation for 12+ flashlights to compare.

I need advice on a host that can adapt to many types of configurations.

In order to compare my favorite LEDs evenly, I am building about 12+ flashlights that contain specific types of special LEDs that perform best in-class, and a few baselines.

Example of some at the top of my head:
Nichia SW45k 9080
Nichia SW40k 9080
Nichia SW30k 9080
Luminus SST-20 4000K FA3
Nichia Optisolis 2700 ~ 6500K
Nichia E21A/E17A

Cree XP-L2 V6 (high output)

Luminus SST-20 4000K FB4 (to compare with FA3)
One or two XML2 as baselines

Also very open to suggestions!
My requirement:
Thermal property: 2.5A for 5mins
Reflector: TIR, but if I really cant find anything, OP reflector is ok.
Battery: 18650
Driver: 7135 for easiest current capability

I plan to use these 12+ hosts as my baseline for truly witnessing tint and cri, both indoors and outdoors with my own eyes.
Currently, I am looking at the Convoy S2+ with 7135 drivers if I can not find a light that can accept a quality TIR.
Maximum budget is not set, if the host is very adaptable, I wouldn’t mind paying more for it.

The easiest way to just make it happen would be 1x P60 host and 12x pills for 1-2 dollars each. If you can solder your LEDs onto a 16mm MCPCB you should be good to go. You would also need 12x drivers, but they are relatively cheap for what your are looking for.
If you are planning on just testing them once, you could even swap out just the LEDs for each test.

This only works, obviously, if you want to take pictures. Not if you are planning on testing all of the lights at the same time. In that case I would go for an affordable but good host like S2+ or similar.

edit: Do you just want to witness tint/CRI or do you want to see the OTF character of each LED? Because… if it is just the light you are looking for… all you need would be 12 pills or similar and hook them up. Do they all have to be inside a host? Or do you just need the light output to compare?

Are you sure you want single TIR flashlight as test bench?
It would cause lots of problems, specially if you are going to use various leds (various size packages and die sizes).
Single TIR requires lots of time for centering and height adjustment. Sometimes you can get it in holder (mostly for 3535 size), by you wont be able to get holders for all leds youd like to test. Also holders are big and dont fit most hosts (like convoy S2+).

@Binford Thank you for the suggestion, I will look at some P60 options. It does makes sense since I can only physically test like 5 flashlights at the most at any given time, and anymore would start to become a hassle. But now that I think of it, the convoy S2+ heads are also a “pill” itself.

@kiribar-ru Wow, I didnt know TIR would be that difficult to focus. The TIR I ever used are just the 3x carclo xp size, and it just fits nice and neatly into the 3 holes of the mcpcb. I never really thought how a single TIR would focus or even mounted physically. Hmmmm. Maybe S2+ orange peel is the way to go for this testing purpose.

If you are only looking for the light output I wouldn’t bother buying 12 hosts. A proper test bench is what you could focus on.
regulated power, tools to measure amps, voltages, lux, etc.

12 hosts cost money, I don’t think you’ll use them all afterwards?

Yes, the S2+ also has a “pill”, ask Simon from Convoy here on the forum whether you can buy them and for how much. He is also on Aliexpress.

I have all of these LEDs and have put them on test benches, lumen tubes and lights of varying sizes. But I have come to a point where I can’t decide anymore because there are too many LEDs and I cant “remember exactly how good” each tint is unless they are all side by side haha. Just like my calibrated lights, I will only have these in a box ); waste of money, yes. But I want to finally end my tint questions once and for all.

Regarding the S2+ pill, are you referring to a spacer to use the 3x carclo optics? I have a copper slug myself, but the cost of these slugs end up to cost more than the host itself. My main concern is the rarity of the LEDs, I only want to use 1pc each. I am unfamiliar with 1x optics, I will need to do some more research. I am hoping someone knows about a host somewhere out there that has a TIR by default.