Hotspot size -- P60 vs KD C8

I only have P60 XML at the moment and the hotspot is HUGE, which is a good thing.... but I am wondering how much smaller (and brighter) the KD C8 XML is in comparison to the P60 XML.

Is it worth carrying around the extra bulk of the larger head, and what are some other advantages to the C8?

Here i made a quick shots, sorry for the blurred image. Hope this helps you out.

First Ultrafire 502B with Home Made XML using Cree XRE MOP Reflector. I am sure this doesnt replicate factory made XML Plugin but this will give you some idea. (Not so fresh battery) (Using manual exposure f2.8, 1/2sec, ISO-200)

UPDATE: Fresh Battery Same Exposure. Looks a bit brighter lol.

KD C8 XML (Using manual exposure f2.8, 1/2sec, ISO-200)

White Wall (sort off) as the wall is off-white so please disregard the tint.

Left is as you may have guesses is KD C8 XML, Right is P60 XML Plugin. I reduced the Exposure so it doesnt relate to real brightness but good enough to see the hotspot. Appologize i dont have a white wall without any obstructions.

The Contender. Size Comparison, the head is not that much larger IMO.

The good think about C8 if you disregard the hotspot/throw as Plus, is the thermal transfer between the LED and the body of the flashlight. P60 Plugin even wrapped in alluminium foil will drop its lumens quick because of the heat build-up. Is it worth it? it really depends on what you need the flashlight for. For me yes but still P60 host is easier to carry around and inside pocket.

I will update the first picture with freshly charged battery. (updated)


Wow the C8 is significantly brighter on that palm tree. Are they both pulling a similar amperage? Are they both orange peel reflectors?

I saw in the original C8 review made by FlashPilot that he swapped out the reflector for a smooth one from his MRV.

ps - that 502b sure has been around the block a few times :-) I like the worn means you have gotten some good use out of it!

Yeah at that range C8 can light the tree much better while 502B has already lost its shine. Inside the room (ceiling bounce) you wont notive much in total output. The tree is about 15-20 meters away btw.

Both are using Orange peel reflector. I have Smooth reflector for C8 on order from manafont, will see how it performed with smooth reflector. I cant measure current draw at the moment my DMM is broken somehow, but i would love to if time permit. But my guess based on eye sight C8 draws more current (3A+) since it has less contact point therefore less resistance than P60 Host (another plus point for C8) and the 502B is limited to 2.8A because of the driver used.,

Oh yeah my 502b is the most abused light even the anodizing change color from black to slight green-gray, still loves it. It used to be as black as the C8 next to it :) Shows that you dont need expensive light to have fun, talking about worth every cent. Dropped it countless times never had any real issue with the light. Change the switch once. Cant remember when i bought the light, probably 3+ year ago. I have no idea if C8 can withstand the same abuse. Probably not i am a bit worried that the larger window/lens will crack easily when dropped.