How about a Dry Orange with a brown center :) Tutorial as well!!!

All this talk about Orange Drys with brown centers got me thinking...why not dry oranges with brown centers? Since you already have the oven fired up after oranging your Dry why not lower the heat and dry your oranges. The wife will be more impressed with your dry orange than she will be with your orange dry.

Simply cut slits in your oranges like the ones in the pic above and bake in a low heat (around 150 degrees) for a couple of days until fully dried in the center.

Use them for decoration during the holidays or as potpourri all year round.

Johnny "just trying to help out" Mac

so it still hasn't arrived?! lol

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Good one. :)

Ok, so what happens if you soak em' in Greased Lightning? Laughing

Well then u get shiney prunes ,lol

:bigsmile: nice play on words there. And back to being topical too. :bigsmile:

I don’t like dried oranges