How About These NiMh C Cells? Any Good?

I'm looking into options to power an XP-G driven at 1.4A from a 3 mode 1.4A Nanjg Driver with about as much runtime as I can get. I think 3 D cells will get quite heavy, so I am looking into C Cells.

First of all, can anyone comment on the weight of 3 C NiMh's vs. 3 D NiMh's? Would the 3 C's be much lighter?

Secondly, I'm looking at these NiMh C Cells at Battery Junction. These seems to be the highest capacity C's I can find. Any ideas on how good these are and whether or not they really give 6000mAh?


I haven't used the Titanium C cells but have had very good luck with the Tenergy cells from Battery Junction. I have 24 AAs and 16 Ds, some of which I've had for over a year of steady use. Not a dud in the group.

I can't comment on weight comparison since I don't have a single C cell light.

Well thanks for your input. I was beginning to think I wouldn't get any response at all. Hope someone else can chime in.

I was looking at the Tenergy (rated 5,000mAh) but then saw these.


I can't tell you the weight, but estimating from previous builds, I would say about 30% more weight per battery "C" to "D", but that's not a lot of weight.

When you look at the LSD cells, like the AccuEvolution, D cells have much higher capacity. I would probably look at the AccuEvolution "C" cells or as a last resort, the Tenergy "C" LSD cells that they have. if "C" is what you prefer.

Otherwise I would use the D cells if there is room and if you want longer run time.

It's not just weight, it's also length. You can do 3 C cells in a 2D Maglite.

I'm trying to balance weight and runtime. Not sure that the cells have to be LSD type. I did briefly look at the AccuEvolution's. If weight is hardly any different I might jump to D cells.


Yes, it's always a balancing act. I imagine all things considered, I would probably do the 3C instead of 3D, because of the length.

Yeah, I forgot to mention I'm trying to keep the length down too.


I have some ancient sanyo nicad Ds and they're ridiculously light. I'm trying to revive them w/ hobby charger and if I find a dud I'm going to rip it open. I bet they stuck a AA inside - that's how light they are.

I also have some golden power nicad Ds (originally 5mah). They're MUCH heavier, but still lighter than a quality alkaline.

point is, if you don't mind the length you could get Ds that aren't as heavy as the really high quality ones...


I have tested the Titanium cells from Battery Junction and they suck. Probably the worst performing C cells on the market. They sag terribly under voltage and at a 2Amp discharge rate I haven't had one reach 3000mah. I would avoid them at all cost.

Any of the Tenergy C cells are a better bet. They seem to test as well or better than the higher priced cells on the market (Imedion, AccuEvolution, ect...). The Tenergy Premium carried by All-battery have the highest capacity and best average voltage under load of any C cells that I have tested.

Personally I would avoid Battery Junction. I bought a ton of stuff from them and had too many orders messed up. They weren't very helpful when I had issues with a product. I no longer order from them. Just my experience.

Hope that isn't too late, Scott.

channel locks --> no more tab :)

not for me, but I sure would be in on a sub-C group buy from the same seller

357Nut, thanks for your feedback. No it's not too late. I haven't ordered anything yet. Those Tenergy Premiums don't look too bad. I looked at AccuEvolution's as well, but they are only rated 4500mAh. I'm only planning on a 1.4A current draw.

Looking at other options now. Anyone know if I could fit (4) Sub-C's (23mm x 43mm) into a 3C Maglite? 43mm x 4 cells = 172mm. 3 standard C's (50mm long) = 150mm. Can I gain 22mm more with a tailcap mod? (Edit - I'm going to move this to it's own thread.)

I can get 5000mAh Sub-C's.



I pretty sure you can't gain that much room in a 3C body. You could contact and see if Ben would make you an extension. He has made several for my D mags, any length I want at about 20-25 dollars each.

I haven't played with Sub C batteries but keep in mind in any format the highest mah batteries tend to give up something (ability to maintain voltage under load, short life span, ect...)to reach those high numbers. Or the number is just outright bogus.

The last batch of AccuEvolution C cells I tested seemed to be of decent quality. Unlike their "New" D cells that I consider the worst on the market. For the money I would stick with the Tenergy cells.

Even though the Tenergy Centura C cell is only rated at 4000mah compared to the AccuEvolutions 4500mah in my testing the Centuras have edged out the AccuEvolution in consistency and total mah.


Cheaper by the dozen!