How can I mod a streamlight protac hl

Is there a way to adjust my streamlight protac hl to get more lumens out of it? I won’t care what happens to it too much because I have 3 other flashlights with more lumens. There must be a way to increase the output of this light to at least 2000 lumen so it doesn’t do any internal damage.I run 16340 batteries in this light now and charge them to full so I know it can handle the total 8.4v total 1500mah. I would like to find a single battery that can be used without boring it because I can’t find the tools in the country I live in to do that kind of delicate work.

No idea how much to ship to you, etc., so just goggle “16650 cell”.

Doubling the lemons would just look 20–30 brighter or so, so is it really worth it? You’d lose other functionality by swapping out the driver, but might gain in other ways, who knows. No idea what size is the driver in that light, if it’s easily accessible, anything.

Driver assembly

I meant the driver on the other side, whether it’s 17mm or 20mm (or some weirdo none-of-the-above size), if it comes out at all, soldered or retaining-ring, etc.

I don’t have any streamlights, so can’t say.

It looks like if I use pliers I can spin it out from what I see it’s threaded in.