How do different LED tints affect the colors I see? A little testing might be good...

I have been wondering how the different tints in LEDs affect how I see colors. I know there's loads of formulas, testing and knowledge out there, but I just wanted to see how it will look to me.

I decided to make a small and very basic color test sheet, so I could use it to compare against, direct sunlight, full shade, incandescent and various leds. It is Very simple and Not at All scientific, but I will put up the photos, as I go along, so others can see my follies. The colors are from construction paper, adhered to a piece of cardboard. I sprayed the construction paper with clear acrylic paint, to preserve it. All photos have been cropped/resized using PSP and untouched unless otherwise stated in the photo. The camera is a Sony DSC-H2 (all I got). Other than that, I have my eyes, which is what I base everything on. If the photo looks the same as "I saw it", It's close enough for me.

1st.- Full noon day sun Standard - This photo is untouched and the camera was set on full auto.


The shine comes from the clear acrylic, but along the bottom, it looks as my eye saw it.

2.- Full Shade Standard - This photo was taken in full shade and it looks exactly as my eyes saw it. Camera was again, on full auto.


3.- Incandescent Filtered Standard - This photo is with the camera set with the incandescent filter/On. It looks much like my eyes saw, so I feel it will work for a standard.



What in the world will all this tell me? Probably nothing, but as I get these inexpensive lights in, over the next month or so, I can use this as a standard, to see what these LEDs do as far as affecting how the colors look. I just figured it might be interesting to see. I will try to match what the "camera sees" to what "my eyes are seeing, so that there is some frame of reference to go by.

What I noticed already, was how the Incandescent light bulb made the white look more yellow and the other colors looked deeper/richer than in sunlight or shade. I hope it will be interesting to see how the leds fare in this little test and if I can accurately capture them with my old camera.


Hi Old-Lumens.

Auto white balance could play tricks on your venture, i believe your camera has settings to disable it if you would like to, i usually do my tint comparisons on the daylight setting.