How do you store spare Li-ion camera batteries?

I recently got a Pisen NB6L replacement battery for my camera and I’m thinking of getting another, which will make three with the original Canon battery. There isn’t any room in the little soft case I got for my camera (there is just enough room for two SD cards in their cases).

The battery instructions say to be careful not to short the pins, so I don’t really just want to put it “loose” in my bag. So I wondered about special cases but couldn’t find any for this kind. There are other containers I suppose I could use with some foam, but it’s not ideal.

How do you store your spare camera batteries?

Chloe - I find it kind of hard to short those batteries but that's just me. The contact points are so small and tucked away. I guess accidents happen.

For me I use elastic bands for everything. I wrap cords, batteries, power adaptors, etc. That should protect the contact points on that Canon battery.

When travelling I wrap everything in my socks. Just came back from Cuba and I wrapped 4 precious bottles of aged dark rum in socks. Don't worry, they were clean!

Do you ever use breath mints or candies that come in small tins? I cut a piece of packing Styrofoam to fill one of those tins and trimmed a notch out of the middle for my battery. This tin protects the battery from dents and dings and the Styrofoam keeps the contacts protected.

Ahh okay. I just thought, in the main section of my handbag I have smaller purses for things which have zips and other metallic dangly things that could cause shorts. I’d feel a bit safer if there was a plastic case for them, but maybe I am worrying too much?

Ah I just saw your reply, Dale. I do have a mint tin that might fit but it’s metal (noisy when banged and might get scratched).

Many of the spare batteries I've purchased or seen usually come with a cover with the battery, much like the one pictured below:

on my camera softcase I also happen to store 2 NB6L. for the original battery I put the small plastic cover, provided in the package. for the compatible brand battery, I did nothing, just toss it in the pocket :smiley:

I’m sure there was no cover included with the camera. :_(

Calvin, I’m jealous! Neither Pisen or “Goop” replacements come with covers.