How do you take notes when modding?

I do not take enough notes and when I do its on whatever piece of paper is within reach :)

I bet it has a crank on the side… you turn a few times it to get Mabel’s attention and she puts through the call to BR-5-49 J)

Calling Jr Samples, does Grandpa have supper ready?
Please keep LuLu away from the MagLights!

For data sets I try now to use spreadsheet or document table directly instead of to paper then copying up afterwards. It’s easier for me to stay organised this way than to use paper notebooks (which I still use, but are slow for reference).

I am still prone to making notes and schematics on whatever paper is nearby. It’s only a problem when I inevitably need to refer to these things.

I too used to scribble notes on whatever was handy, then spend ages a couple of months later trying to find what I scribbled on.

Now I take photos as I progress through a build and also write notes/diagrams on my smart phone which I save as screen shots, I then save then to a micro sd card in the phone and also upload them to one of the cloud based storage sites

The advantage of keeping stuff in .txt files over notes on paper is that the cats can't chew on .txt files while I'm asleep. ^. .^

Here's a random section from one of my temporary-scribblings desktop .txt files:

-.015 (.010-.012)
++ .2675 final ++
.661 dia x .266 thick

srk reflector: 17.92mm
tir: 12.62mm
= 5.3mm

tir: 0.499
butterfly spacer: 0.033
star: 0.066
total .598



.5915 = driver compartment height

1.6140-.5915= 1.0225 = u/h lens to top of pill, bezel snug
1.6055-.5915= 1.0140 = u/h lens to top of pill, bezel tight
.0085 = oring compression
1.0180 target (top of oring .004 higher than top of TIR)

.435 pill height, from bottom of bore
.343 - .041 = .302
.090 x 1.700

-----sf z1-----
head ID .685-.690

3xp to rear of head- .345
3xp to front of pill- .100
spacer- .207

front of pill- .245
shelf to front face- .107
=diff: .138

pill ID- .610
head ID- .684
shelf thickness- .042

cut top of spacer by .033"
total before cut- .750
after- .719-.720


ar lens .061
tube thread .402-.407 (.405)
stock pill .335
flat pill .293
3xp/tir .307

rear face to threads 1.017
thread to bezel inner 1.635
unthreaded .618
oring bore id .855

head min id .810
pill thread od .838

lens-3xp-tir-stockpill .702
unthreaded .618
pill threads left .084 - 1.75 threads

al plate .130

3xp-tir-flatpill-al .730
lens-3xp-tir-flatpill-al .790
unthreaded .618
unthreaded to rear of lens .558
flatpill-al .423
pill threads left .172 - 3.5 threads
.810 dia down from top of pill .251 (.260)

pill .790
tube .405
front lens to rear face 1.195
stock lens to rear face 1.641
shorter by .446

rear of head to rear of pill .850
tube thread .405
diff: .445 (OK - cut to .440)

Don't ask what any of it means, after more than a day or two most of it loses all context even to me...

Definitely not scribbled on an envelope.

Always take a pencil and paper over the computer. Usually you’ll find most of my notes on an old torn up piece of paper somewhere. Like when I was doing yagi modeling, the computer helps a lot with showing predicted rf patterns messing with element lengths, ect. But even then, when I went to the mill and started all the cutting, it was a lot of scribbing on paper. Same with car stereo, used to design it all on paper including the speaker enclosures and interfaces between the alarm and deck. Graph paper is the best for that sort of thing, and a ruler!

The problem is finding your notes in a pile of other notes down the road when you forget how the heck you did that. As I get older too, find that all the beers and just age catch up with you and you can’t remember squat anymore :slight_smile: Which maybe a good thing. I can see me being a racist old bastard with lots of opinions heheh

No, but puss WILL puke, pee, spew who knows what into your computer causing it and your notes to cease to be…

I make notes:
In my head and lose them
On envelopes and lose them
In notebooks and lose those
On my smartphone (lost it)
On my smartphone(it forgot them)

In other words, I’m sloppy, careless, and forgetful. Fortunately, none of those came up in the scout motto so as far as I’m concerned it’s a disability, like being stupid or left handed. |( Cause for aggravation but not curable.

my left handed wife is looking for your address….

lucky for you it’s lost in my notes. :slight_smile: