How i can post what i want to sell ?

Hello,flash guys,I seen there are a commercial spot.I am a business man and I want to do a survey and know all

flash guys what led flashlights you like.but that is a question:where can I post and how I post?I don't want to post the wrong place and make the post deleted and mark as spam.


Sorry,i forgot to ask:Can i need to buy an advertising spot on BLF???

Post your best deals here .

If you want to know what we want , do a little reading here on the forum .

Hmm,dear jacktheclipper, [Commercial] and [Commercial] have any different??Or all two spots i can post??

old-limens, why this link is a search?how i can use it???

sorry,i don't understand.


I did not see any listed prices on your website .

Hi seujim, I sent you a private message with details about advertising on BLF.

Oh,this is a B2B you know B2B???if you want buy about flashlight,you need to contact the supplier by yourself,and on the produce page,there are information about the suppliers.

Well, i think you got it a bit overoptimitistically. Since you do B2B i think it will not be fruitfull as we work "best" with those tho do B2C (business to customer). We like to buy at wholesale prices but we buy in minor quantities per entity and mostly singles. Goold luck scoring a lot of 1000 flashlights or more to someone here.

If you can't offer competitive pricing along with free shipping (or cheap shipping) for single items there isn't much for you here except perhaps education on flashlights or reading a good joke.

Thank so much,admin.

But do you know,Budgeteer,In our website,these suppliers can offer your wholesale price and most of them are Ex-factory price.