how in the world does the olight baton get such great runtime?

for realy .5 lumens for 20 days on a 550 mah battery? how do they achieve this?

At very low output most of the power consumption is from the micro controller, some manufacturers pay attention to it and use low power modes, most don’t care and get a constant 2~5mA draw.

but i mean even compared to lights with the same lumen ratings like other lights that have a .5 lumen mode

i think its a bit less then that but yea its kinda good.

There are very efficient LEDs, especially at low output. Assuming it has 150 lm/W it will need 0.0033 W at 0.5 lm.

A 550 mAh Li-ion battery has about 2 Wh capacity.

This means the LED will run theoretically for 606 hours or 25 days. If we now assume that the driver is efficient 20 days sounds possible.

cool efenicy is my fav feature of all lights. im the same way with cars or motorcycles give me crazy high mpg and im happy even if the car is slow