How is diamond grip cut?

This is just curiosity, and Google doesn’t know what I mean. How is the diamond grip cut into aluminum flashlights? Is is a special lathe tool and a high feed rate? Or something like a thread cutter used from both directions?

Search for “knurling” on Youtube.
There are some different ways to make that

i think you should use the term “knurling“ :wink:

ollawei de deitschn! :smiley:

If I’m not wrong they used a sort of wheel to stamp the pattern on the body.

Thanks guys, I found demonstrations on youtube.

There are also handheld knurlers available that do not require a lathe. Unfortunately, they are still quite expensive.

With numerical control, it might be economical to make it with a simple tool that is also used for shaping, instead of switching to a special one.