how many drone pilots do we have around here?

So who is flying and what are you flying?

Not as much into drones, but I’m into fixed wing RC! My hangar includes eflite T28, P47, Extra 300, Timber, and Hobbyking Bix3 among others… most are set up for FPV. The Timber is set up for night flying. I have a Vortex 150, a 110mm micro brushless build and a DJI Spark on the drone front.

I just started learning drones using an Eachine H8 and Eachine E012. Just a basic mini drone and really tiny. Nowhere near the performance or functions of the higher priced ones. I mean flight time last only around 5 mins! :sunglasses: I’m just trying to get the trimming down pat. Little guy wanders all over the place lol.

FYI, in Canada you must have a drone pilot certificate to fly drones > 250g

Also, most urban areas and points of interest are designated controlled airspace.
Check the interactive map: Where to fly your drone

Mavic Air. I live a few miles from the Nike World Headquarters campus. So, last October when the trees were turning colors . . . .


Terry Oregon,
your Mavic Air takes Great vids!

I just bought a used DJI Phantom 3 pro on craigslist for $150.00
was looking for a Mavic (that folds)
but this was to good of a deal to pass
I have flown it twice now,
It is rather easy to control it
it has auto-return to home if communications are lost for some reason
and you can watch what the copter sees live on a tablet as you fly it
I wanted a “flying camera” to spot deer and wildlife out back;
this quad has a very good camera that also shoots 4K videos

I’ve recently started using a DJI Mavic at work. It turns out that they are incredibly fun to fly, and the photos I’ve captured have been a big help for some of the projects we have been working on.

I’ve had so much fun with it that I’m shopping for a personal drone. I’m not sure it would be worth picking up another Mavic for myself, but whatever I get will have to have a smart controller. Being able to see first person video while flying the drone is such an amazing thing.

Thanks as I didn’t know that one needs a license. Well my drone so tiny, it’s barely there.

DJI Phantom 3 and Mavic Pro here. It’s a blast, but haven’t used them much this past year due to work/life.

I guess I should have put in that I am flying a old consumer $50.00 little guy and for Christmas I did get a Mavic Mini.

The Mavic Mini is AMAZING……

Terry, that is a great footage of the Nike Campus.

I miss living 15 minutes from there. WOW they have added so many buildings there. Not to much room left for more unless they are going to pull a Disney and go underground.

Thanks, that footage was shot over three or four Sundays when the campus was mostly empty. Launch points were in various areas (just off campus) on all four sides of the campus, to accommodate maximum range of the drone and flight rules requiring visual site of drone at all times.

If you are on the high bank that surrounds campus you should be able to fly over most. From the looks you may have been getting close to the top end of 400FT. I did not see anything that looked like you were very low other than take off or landing.

You do know you can access the trails unless they have changed the rules from there security peoples. I know I had walked most of the trails at all sorts of hours, but that is 11 plus years back. I thought it was part of why the City let Nike buy all of that land and develop it that way.