How many EDC light do you have ? - & favourite ?

how many EDC/pocket lights do you have in your collection ? and what is your favourite one ?

  • For me i am estimating around 30+ of them in my collection of EDC-able lights, and have carried most of them at one time or another. Right now my current favourites in the AAA class EDC lights is split between the Thrunite Ti2 and Tank007 E09, and a modded Sipik SK68 for the AA class, and the Trustfire Mini-01 & 02 for the CR123 class.

I have about 15 EDC-able lights.

My current favorite is the Convoy S3, and my keychain-backup is the Tank007 E09.

I only have 5.
My favourite one is Quark Mini 123 for its beam profile, but my daily torch is Novatac 120T.


ITP A3 on keys, an expertly modded G10 in my rt pocket and the DX promo M5 in my left.

Wifey has a Tank EO9 on keys and in her purses too.

I usually carry a 4 Sevens Quark Mini 123 S2 edition (can’t be beat) and an eGear pico on the keychain. Sometimes I carry the Maratac copper AAA light.

I started out with the smaller lights (AA and AAA), so I have too many that you’d consider “EDC’able” to count, but my favorite LIGHT is the SC52, but my favorite EDC is the ITP A3 EOS upgraded, and probably the Tank007 2nd place.

I have about 25 or so EDC sized lights (from AAA keychain up to 1x26650 pocketable), and about half have had the privilege of being used as such more than once.
My current 18650 is the Armytek Wizard Pro, which will soon take a vacay back to China for fixings. Will be back to DQG18650 for a while.
My current key chain light is Thrunite Tis.
My current laptop bag clip-on light is Tank007 E09
My jacket EDC in the winter was XIAOZHI. This year I have many more options to choose from :wink:

I have about 15 EDC’s. Some of them have never even been EDC’ed. I started out long ago with a lenser V2 3 AAA modded. Switched to a AKORAY K-106 modded of coarse. Then carried a ITP EOS A3 upgrade, no mods its to small. Then ITP EOS A1 for awhile. Switched back to the K-106.
EDC’ed the XIAOZHI modded heavily. Back to the K-106 again. Now I EDC a Sunwayman V10R Ti and couldn’t be happier. Love the variable control ring, always the right amount of light at my finger tips. And a low that’s so low about the only thing you can light up is your hand because its not to far away. Modded with a Nichia 219 and what a b**ch to get apart I might add. The toughest light I have ever tried to take apart in my life. |(
My favorite, V10R Ti
Most used k-106 and is a very good EDC. Easily modded. Always keep coming back to this one, but I feel it may not happen now. To many things I like about the V10R Ti.

Crelant V31A XM-L2 U2
DQG 18650 XM-L2 T6 1A
Fenix PD22 G2 XP-G2 R5
Jetbeam RRT-01 XM-L T6
Jetbeam RRT-01 XM-L2 T6
Maratac Copper CR123 XP-G
Olight S10 Baton Titanium XM-L T6 NW
Sunwayman R10R XP-G2 R5
Sunwayman R10A XP-G2 R5
Sunwayman V11R Mirage XM-L U3
ThruNite Saber 1A T10 BLF Edition XP-G2 R5 1C
Zebralight SC52w XM-L2 T6 NW

Without question, my favorite is the Jetbeam RRT-01 XM-L2 T6. It is the perfect EDC light. Following that, probably the Sunwayman V11R Mirage, then the Zebralight SC52w.

I only have 4.

  • Thrunite Ti2
  • Olight S10 Baton
  • Olight M10 Maverick
  • Trustfire Mini-01

My favourite would be the M10 Maverick, followed by the S10, Ti2 then the Mini-01. I do not like twisty lights which I found out quickly after buying the Ti2 and Mini-01. Although for its tiny size the Ti2 is mighty impressive.

700mA black solitaire xpg R5-1D
BLF Saber 1A
14650 chopped, finned AA silver Mag w/XML U2-1D or 3x219( made 2 drop-ins)
BLF Mini-01

I keep the Mini on a hook by the door and the others follow me around.

A DQG II Neutral on keychain and an Olight S20 on waist bag/belt

Waiting until Zebralight SC600W MKii hits the market, to replace Olight...!

The light that gets clipped inside my front pants pocket more than any other is my Olight S20. Super compact, great output, great UI, best deep carry clip of any of my lights, it's really got it all. A close second is my Jetbeam RRT01

-UK 2AAA (my very first professional light, Ex/ ATEX, bought it fifteen years ago)

-Maratac AAA stainless (just had to have it, took me long enough to get one, so it’s merely a shelf queen)

-DQG III AAA stainless (on my set of car keys, still on its first Energizer Lithium)

DQG AA stainless (it rarely sees any use it’s just too nice!)

-Fenix LD10 (resting in my front pocket and used extensively for about a month or two now)

-Fenix LD20 (really, it’s not that uncomfortable to carry in the front pocket; much nicer beam than the LD10, yet a bit greenish)

-Mini M@glite retrofitted with a Terralux TLE-5Ex (used for well over two years, now retired as the output is less than satisfactory)

-Mini M@glite LED pro+ (on ’loops, carried in the web holster, goes well with a business suit)

-numerous Sipik SK68 on my desk, my nightstand (all on eneloops) and at work (sporting a 14500 liIon, there)

-NiteCore EZ-AA (still one of my favourites, loosely in pocket and secured by a gearkeeper)

–4Sevens Quark X AA² tactical (I don’t like the holster and still need a deep carry clip to put it to good use)

4Sevens QTA 1AA (far too nice and expensive, so it doesn’t see any action at all which is a shame, really)

-SolarForce T4 (shelf queen, to replace it I’d have to spend some silly money!)

-SolarForce L2r (a bit modded with a custom loop web holster, now semi-retired as they don’t make them anymore)

-SolarForce L2M, old style (XR-E dropin, well used, runs off either CR123A primaries or 16500 LiIons, it usually comes out of the box around autumn, nice to carry in a pea coat pocket)

-Tank007 E09 (just gorgeous! I bought three more as gifts for close friends)

$ureFire E2L-AA (I got it at a price I couldn’t resist pure shelf queen)

-Convoy S2 (with the best tint ever! usually carried at work. Tough little tube!)


( Or a Balder SE-1 )

Currently I carry a Foursevens Quark Pro QP2A-X clipped to my right front pocket and a Streamlight Nanolight on my keys. I don’t mind the larger size (of the Foursevens) because it’s pretty slim and the UI is AMAZING (really bright for a 2*AA light, too). I’m going to upgrade my Nanolight to a DQG AAA and I’m thinking about having a Thrunite Saber 1A on the neck but that might be a little too much light too carry at a time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same light, costs a bunch less… put a Nichia 219 in it…

Wow. Just inspected my Saber 1A. It is the same exact light…

The Saber 1A does have an XP-G2 in it vs an XP-G in the Spirit though.

Personally my 6 year old beat up LD01 on the key chain is enough, but I also carry an LD12 on the belt now.

I think that it is time for companies like Fenix and Eagletec and others to start working on very high quality AAAA key chain lights.

I don’t personally need a tiny light, but many well dressed men do, and many women would like it, today they can make a AAAA light with great run times and with decent brightness.