How many lumens are these Flashlights? Cheapo ebay...

I got a couple of these(for a few years!) , they cost almost nothing, has a really good feel and overall build quality to them and are rather bright with a freshly charged 18650 battery.
comes with XML -T6 chip?

I know they are not 1000 lumens, let alone the 15,000 advertised on ebay…
Anyone has had these and have tried out what light output they actually put out? I have nothing to compare them against so have no idea…Considering spending $30 on a supposedly better 18650 flashlight,however maybe it’s not even worth the marginal upgrade if it’s only marginal.

probably maximum 300 Lumen, probably a fake Cree XP-E, probably blue-ish light, probably HI - MID - Strobe modes, visible PWM on MID, but it works for little money, you can see stuff in the dark. :slight_smile:

I would suggest you spend $15 (or a little more) on a Convoy C8 and see what a real flashlight is all about.
real 1000 Lumen, real Cree XM-L2, choose the 3A tint if possible :+1:

Maybe a couple hundred…
Possibly even less than 100 when zoomed in.

yeah get the convoy C8 or even Convoy s2+

Have one of these, used it once and didnt like the blue tint and rattling zooming action. But I probably bought it much later then you, so the usual “we have a flashlight, how can we cut corners to produce it even cheaper” could have lowered the quality a lot over time.

If it works for you, and zoomies are pretty versatile, cool!
mine did around 250-400 lumens comparing it to other lights and that is enough for most uses.

It is. You will see how bad that light is if you get a better one with decent tint and no zoom.

It is not so much about more brightness but about better beam shape and light color.

You can always put in a new LED with nice tint to get better output.

Hmm… Once you start there, you will want a constant current driver with no visible PWM and probably a better switch too.
And then you notice the iffy threading and all kinds of details that are typical for crappy lights…
Then you realise you should have bought a nice host and fill it with parts of your choice, and end up with a much better light around the same price of a souped up piece of crap…
There are exceptions, when you like the looks of a cheapo light, and you want to improve it.

200-300 at max.
With the beamshot pic, you can tell it was a long exposure, when zoomed it shouldn’t produce that much bright spill to light up the whole building, a long exposure would do that, it also makes the beamshot appear more brighter than it is. The sky isn’t even dark, that’s another giveaway. My Olight M2X doesn’t appear that bright nor is the hotspot as intense, and it’s around 1000 lumens.
Sellers pull these tricks to basically….scam people.

hah yes they cheat so much it isnt even funny, but if anyone wants a cheap light its best to buy it a convoy light, doesnt cost much and u get the rated lumens the c8 or s2 are very hard to beat for the price.

The difference between a cheap 5$ light and convoy is very large and u dont break your budget buying one or two and a good decent battery thats all it takes.

Drop the cheap lights a couple of times and you’re out 100% on what you spent on it. And, you’re caught in the dark without a light.

A $6 UF C8’s hotspot is marginally brighter than one from the first gen Fenix E21 at 180 lumens, though the spill area is much brighter, so I’d guesstimate it to be around 250-350 lumens.

the zoom mechanism is beyond bad, bunch of plastic threaded parts that strip out in normal use.
the LED is very cheap, purple/green, 200 lumens at best. NOT XML-T6 - just some tiny cheap thing, probably varies with low bidder.
lens is plastic.

Absolutely no water resistance, dim lumens, ugly Latticebright LED, rough threads, and if it was anything like one I had, you can look into the aspheric lens and see a truckload of rust around the emitter. Forget about LVP or any other kind of safety. I’ll bet the runtimes are equally as atrocious.

Get a Convoy with Biscotti (I recommend an M1 or S2, and a C8 if you want a thrower) for 15 dollars or less and be happy.

Also, if you got any batteries or charger alongside this rubbish, THROW IT AWAY. Don’t ask questions, just toss it forever. Get a few Liitokala protected cells and one of their chargers.

(The one I had that was just like this? I threw it where no one will ever find it while it’s still functioning. No one deserves the disgrace of owning one of these and thinking it’s good.)

probably 3000 lumens if you bought 15 of them :smiley:

I know this is budget light forums, but regardless of price, its not ‘budget minded’ if there is no quality.

To me, doesn’t matter how few lumen it has, it is absolutely the worst light I’ve ever held in my hand.
I would rather have a candle. They should send it together with those little paper umbrellas you get in your drink, same quality.

i’m trying to think of a worse light than this thing, nothing comes to mind just now… it is certainly down there at the bottom somewhere…

it;s WAY worse than say the “G-700” internet-scam light

i guess one of those 3xAAA 9-LED dollar store lights is worse, but then they don’t pretend to be any good, this thing DOES