how many lumens!!!!!!!!

i want to know how many lumens? do you know?

SUN has how many lumens?

How many XM-L / P7 / MC-E / Rebel LED needed?

Are you joking.................................

Next thing you'll be asking if anyone has tried a mod on it..............

too far to mod.

luckily it doesnt use any heat-sink....else only ice on earth... -300 C

I think the Sun puts out 42 Googol actual lumens (which is about 100 Googol Chinese lumens). :)

Google search revealed this answer.

"The illuminance of direct sunlight is approximately 100,000 lux, but normal daylight, which is filtered through a cloudy sky, is between 5,000 and 10,000 lux."

Hmm, I was thinking of the number of lumens on the surface of the Sun. And I refuse to look up that answer when I can easily make one up in half the time. :bigsmile: Happy Thanksgiving!

My maths isn't too good. Any chance you could convert that to throw at 1m please.

130 klx @ 1AU is 3 * 10^27 cd

That is 1.1 * 10^14 m of NEMA-throw, or 720 times the distance to earth, or 18 times the distance to Pluto.

Flux is 3.7 * 10^28 lm.

1 lux = 1 lumen/m2

than 1 lumen in an area of 1 m2 is 1 lux, and the same lumen concentrated in 1 cm2 corresponds to 10 000 lux

an xml of 1000 lumen with a beam of 113cm of diameter( ~1m2) do just 1000 lux