How many triples is too many triples?

So, is this a Carclo fan club or can SupFire SP-03’s come out and play? How about scratch built triple MT-G2’s? Or MT-G2 equipped BTU Shocker’s? SupFire M6’s? Raysoon F13’s? 3D MagLite’s? 2-D MagLites? Chopped AA MiniMag’s? (granted, a Carclo) I have almost as many Sinner triples as most of you collectors have FW3A’s… Carclo optics of course. (maybe more, 7 I think it is now) Not to mention the X6’s and Sofirn C8’s… What is that? Some 23 triples? And then there are the A6 style lights… and Convoy S2’s…

The answer though, from the wise old Owl, is 3. :wink:

Edit: I don’t seem to listen to the wise old Owl, looks like I have 29. :smiley:

Edit: Picture, as it DID happen! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, there are only 6 Sinners in the picture, an 18650 has been converted to a quad and I just gave a Titanium one to a friend for his birthday, it’s approaching Cozumel even now. :wink:

EDIT: OOPS! I forgot my scratch built triple MT-G2, not in the picture, so I have an even 30. (There’s probably a few more around here somewhere…)

[Difficult for me to believe that only 7 of my X6’s are triples. Only one makes over 10,000 lumens though, at least of the X6’s… ]


And some quads for good measure :D

Though I must admit I don't have all these in my possesion now.

Dang CRX that’s some pretty stuff

CRX always wins.

Now this thread just makes me think I don’t have enough :person_facepalming:

I will not declare any winner but I will say CRX and Dale might have too many.

CRX might outdo me in Jewelry style, but I’m betting I have more Lumens! :smiley:

Edit: Ahem! ALL of these are behind me on the bed at this very moment. Past builds no longer in possesion I cannot even begin to count!

EDIT II: CRX only shows 29, I win! Yay! Chicken Dinner for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT III: DBC-05 added.

:laughing: true.

I only still have the big brass Nutz & FW3A triples, SR4, Meteor, D4 & copper/ rosewood SL set so you can feel better about that :smiley:

Get outta here with those reflectors, as if you need them in the picture, lol

What? Reflectored triples are still triples, yes? At least I’m not getting deceptive tossing in quads… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I counted 32 triples… :stuck_out_tongue:

I counted 29, er, an edited 32, and the Meteor is a quad. And you’re counting pictures, not lights. True?

<—— sulking

ousted by a Scot


You should be happy, Scots are the best, well, some of us anyways… :smiley:
I’m just playing :wink:
There are 32 pics of triple emitter lights and seven quads now, calling the Meteor a quad? triple quad? quad triple?
I’m not sure :smiley:

I estimate 115,000 lumens from those 30 lights, as best as my memory serves me and trying to round down as much as possible.

There’s 5 that make over 50,000 without help from the rest of the group.

Scary, some of your builds.

Lol, yeah, it’s all good. I’ve made some 50 Eagle Eye X6’s since they came out, and I don’t even know how many other M6’s, SP-03’s, and tube lights. I have no idea how many total triples I’ve built, all written down somewhere I suppose as I test them all after they’re built.

Was just looking forward to the free Chicken Dinner on Contactcr, but it’s ok, I like Ramen noodles well enough…

Some of em scare ME! lol

That little Titanium X6 has 3 XHP-50’s in it with a pair of Aspire 18350 cells, makes some 10,200 lumens. Freakish!

I just put an CFT-90 in my 6th scratch built light, single cell single emitter pulling 25.8A at the tail! Yeah, 16ga leads, enough to be frightening for sure! And the last scratch build was half mod, the Ham’r… a Q8 evolved… I don’t even know how many amps it pulls on it’s 4 cells but it makes something in the 23,000 lumens range! So yeah, I think I may have gone up in the attic, a little ways through the ceiling on some of em. Gotta start building simpler less insane lights…

Well, I tried to tell you… :smiley:

Adding some entries so I can be as cool as CRX and Dale :slight_smile:

You did, I’m not a good listener it would seem. lol

I have some small carbon fiber tubes I can work with, courtesy of someone that knows much better than I. :wink: